Saturday, October 1, 2011

Memo-News-Up Dates

I've been busily writing the climax portion of my WIP (a.k.a. 4th book; Crescendo). I'm going to consider what to do with the third and fourth book, and untill I come up with what, I'll keep it mum for now.

Yep. I sort of feel like the person crawling out of the grave in this picture. You know I don't mind horrific themes as long as they don't goss me out. That's why I quit reading horror (I won't read S. King anymore), and also quit writing it. Just not my bag. I like soft/gothic horror, and when that isn't good enough, I go for a psychological horror. You know, the thump in the night, oh, and the true monsters of the world. Not something made up (although I've come up with some good ones, I think). The world is full of them. Terrorists only topping the list, you have rapests, serial killers, and child molesters in good company. The list is endless.

The last one was subject in my fourth book. Why? I think I was going for a theme. Well, yeah, actually I was. Why do I hedge? I can't explain about it, but it will be there when you are all able to read it when Crescendo comes out in the future (my hope next year, but I don't know how much control over this will be). It is the fourth book in the Sabrina Strong Series.

As a matter of fact I still don't know when the second one will be out. But as soon as I do, I'll let you know. I've already got some appearances set up, but I'm waiting to set up any more because I still don't have a release date. *sigh*

But!!! I've finished the climax of Crescendo just this morning and I hope to get the rest of it (the resolution), done this weekend! I'm still under 90K--which leaves me a lot of room for adding details. This was the first first draft where I didn't do my usual going-back-and layering-in before I was finished. I only went and put in some details or changed a few things before I forgot to do it. I wrote this one in 3 months. I don't know if it's a record, but it might be for me (while working f.t.).

What's next for me, writing-wise? I'm going to announce that later on this month, after I feel comfortable about it. But I'm about to work on a new mystery series. Plus I'm entertaining a YA book which I need to consider much more in-depth and read some more titles. That's sort of my back-burner book. The mystery series is something I want to do next.

Some of you might be new to this blog. If you have not checked out what I'm doing this month you might want to check out my plans (for October) HERE. And for a treat, if you are so inclinde, my short story for the month has already begun. I will be giving short excerpts from it every Friday and Main Feature Fridays, and to get the first installment go HERE.

Well, that's it for my up-dates. Hope you all have a great weekend! And please stop by throughout the week, I've got some interesting things, plus I'm going to get you all excited about decorating for Halloween on Monday, so swing by!


  1. Good luck with the climax. Hope you have a writing weekend.

  2. My fingers are crossed that we'll get release date news soon! I can hardly wait! It's great to hear what you're working on next though. Sounds exciting.

  3. Thanks, Heather. (mine are crossed too!)


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