Sunday, October 23, 2011


It begins, my pretties! The Coffin Hop, involving horror fiction writers from all over. This is my offering for the Hop:
Copy of Vampire Ascending - you have choice of eBook or a paperback. One winner will be chosen using on November 1st and I will announce winner on Wednesday November 2nd.
Each section will give you points accordingly when you complete them.
Here are the rules:

You must be participant of Coffin Hop to win.
I will give you 13 things to hunt for in 6 of my blogs and then you must come back here and leave comment below in order of items asked for from each blog. You must leave a way for me to contact you in your comment.

Are you ready? Here you go. Good luck.
    From Lorelei's Muse (4 points):
    1. What two blog awards were given to Lorelei's Muse?
  1. 2. What is the name of the author who I am hosting this Wednesday (26th) find it here:
    COFFIN HOP. And what book is he going to talk about?
    3. where am I located (live)?
    4. Whose picture is on the bottom (footer) of this blog?

  2. From Vampire Writer's Retreat (3 points):
    1. What main background colors are uses on this blog?
    2. What am I a “proud sponsor” of?
    3. A picture of who is 3rd from top on right hand side?
  1. In title of a post who answers The Underwear Challenge?
  2. In this same post what creature appears in the main characters' living room?
  3. What color are his eyes?
  4. What is COMING SOON ? - (right-hand side panel)
From Lorelei's Archives – 2 points:
  1. Scene from Book #4 “Crescendo” - whose name appears at very beginning?
  2. Whose picture do I have below my book's cover?

  1. List the 3 main characters shown on right hand side.
  2. How old is Nicolas Padauru?
1. What 3 awards has this blog been awarded?

The contest is over at midnight on October 31st.


  1. From Lorelei's Muse
    1. Stylish Blogger Award and Liebster Blog
    2. John Everson, The Pumpkin Man
    3. Northern Illinois
    4. Bela Lugosi

    From Vampire Writer's Retreat
    1. Black and purple
    2. Anti-Cruelty To Vampires Society
    3.Vlad The Impaler (if I counted right LOL)

    From Something Nebulous Within
    1. Sabrina and Vasyl
    2. This one confused me.. I see where a vampire appeared in a DINING room, but not living room?
    3. violet
    4. Vampire's Trill

    From Lorelei's Archives
    1. Bjorn Tremayne
    2. The delicious, sexy, my future hubby.. Johnny Depp :)

    From Vampire Ascending
    1. Sabrina Strong, Bjorn Tremayne, Nicolas Padauru
    2. 648 yrs

    From Lorelei's Writing Journal
    1. The irresistibly sweet blog award, the versatile blog award and I dig your blog award.

    Whew... thanks for the chance. (at) gmail (dot) com

  2. Wow! Jennifer! You get extra points for being the first person to even try this AND BE THE 100th FOLLOWER!

    And my bad--I mis-quoted myself on where the damned vampire showed up!

  3. it's not a problem. I read it 3 times to make sure I wasn't just BLIND and missing it. I figured well if I miss that one hopefully it won't be a big deal.
    Next time have him show up at my house :)

  4. Okay. I'll see if that can't be arranged. Seems a lot of gals are after my vampires in these books LOL! (Nothing wrong with that!)


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