Tuesday, October 4, 2011

TEASER TUESDAY ~ Another clip from Vampire's Trill

It's Tuesday again, my pretties and here is another blurb from my next novel, Vampire's Trill. I know you are all wondering if Nicolas and Sabrina are going to get along in this one. Maybe. Maybe not.

"Will Ms. Strong be joining you later this evening for . . . dinner?" Nathanial asked Nicolas. I couldn't help but catch his pause in groping for the correct word.

"No. She will not," Nicolas said with a trace of scorn in his voice. It was as though the very thought was abhorrent, and the way he looked at me was as though he'd wanted to make sure that I knew it. Well, big whoopee do-da.

Guess not.

Have a great Tuesday, my pretties!


  1. LOL! That's awesome, and I LOVE her attitude! These Teaser Tuesdays were an excellent idea. :)

  2. Oh, thank you Heather. I think they were a good idea too. Give you guys just a little bit to think on. (^;


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