Sunday, November 13, 2011

Anthology "Campaigner Challenges 2011" Now At Smashwords!

I just got word this morning that the anthology was published. For those of you who are/were part of this 2011 Campaigner Challenge, you've probably had the email too. And for those of you who were not, the participants were challenged to write posts containing specific words, and/or themes of no more than 200, or 300 words. Despite the same premise, our stories all were quite different.

Mine was titled: "The Synbatec Island Caper", a 300 word challenge using three made-up words (Synbatec being one of them; wastopaneer, and tacies the other two), used in such a way that it sounded like actual words the characters used in speach, etc. I was amazed at how so many of us simply wrote these made-up words into our pieces.  Some of these were really funny. Others were interesting and fresh.

You may have stopped by mine and various other blogger/writers who took the challenge this year with Rach Writes while the challenge went on from September into October. We had three challenges, I took part in only two. It was fun. I know I had a lot of people from this challenge stop by, became followers, and made nice comments on the pieces I wrote for the challenge. I was contacted and asked if I would like to donate any of the writings toward the "Help Harry Help Others" to raise money toward cancer research. All proceeds from this anthology goes toward this charity. I was happy to donate one story. All together there are 176 flash fiction, poems and articles in this anthology. The list price is $2.99 and here are the links for Smashwords and Amazon.

Please stop by and make a purchase. The charity is for a good cause. I learned in this email this morning that Harry Moseley, who was only 11 years old, was able to raise $137,000 (roughly in US dollars), and died on October 8th.


  1. It's a great anthology and for such a good cause. I'm happy I was able to participate.

  2. Afraid I let everyone down this time. I would up without my computer too often and missed the challenges. I really did enjoy reading yours on the made up words though.

    Pamela Jo

  3. Aw. Too bad, Pam. But I'm glad that my writing brings you enjoyment!


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