Saturday, November 12, 2011

Question: What do you wear when you write?

A number of years ago I remember reading an article by a writer who said she learned to not wear anything she would dare be caught dead in, should anyone see her. The ploy was to keep her inside and not go out or have any excuse to go outside, so that she would write. I figure if a person was always looking for excuses to get up from their chair and go outside, maybe go grocery shopping, instead of write, this would be a good idea. You'd have to throw on something nice in order to be seen in public.

I later recall seeing a post about what writers like to wear--called them "writing clothes". I don't recall what was posted, but I'm sure it was something in the line of a nice velour pantsuit of some sort. Like what I wear on my longer days of working in my office.

I tend to jump into sweats the moment I get home, anyway.

So, let's explore the idea in this blog post.

This looks comfy...

...for the Victorian age. But I think it's rather romantic. I'm sure that it's comfortable too.

I've read that some people get dressed up. Men perhaps put on a suit coat in order to feel as though he's actually going to an office sort of job. But I don't think it applies to all men when they write. Do they get up, throw on the sweats and a T, go unshaven and crouch over the computer keys? Or do they shower and shave, and get into a pair of jeans and a button up shirt? Unless any guy writer out there wants to comment, and let us know what he wears when he writes, I haven't a clue.

So, I thought I would throw the question out to you:
 What do you wear when you write?


  1. I'd wear the most comfortable clothing that I possessed. Particularly with fiction writing. It's my opinion that the object is to become immersed in another world. Anything that keeps you in the "real world" is a distraction.

    The first example you gave was interesting. I know most people procrastinate (me included) but the idea that grocery shopping would be a more enticing proposition than writing, makes me wonder if the person in question is really passionate about writing. Haha. The idea of having the time to just write without the demands of day to day errands sounds blissful!

  2. Oh, I know what you mean. There have been times when I said to myself, how much easier it would be for me to merely be a house wife and not worry about things a writer constantly worries about.

    But, yes! I agree about that one writer. I don't think the person has writing on her mind much, if she thinks of leaving her office.

    Something comfortable is the key. You need to be able to sit and ponder your mss. for hours and to have anything restrictive on would be uncomfortable.

  3. Hello, Lorelei. Sadly, my answer isn't very sexy. Finding the time to write is the battle, so when I am working, be it an article or fiction-writing, I give it little thought and just wear general clothing; no smoking jackets or robe and slippers.
    Now, should I sell enough copies to quit my day-job...
    I'll have to get back to you on that one. :)


  4. Pretty much whatever I happen to be wearing. I usually write late at night so it's usually my sleep clothes, or a t-shirt and sweats. Otherwise I never think about it much.

  5. All right! We have one man who jumped in and gave us his "un-sexy" answer to what he wears. (This blog post is almost a little naughty, isn't it?--"what are you wearing?" LOL!)But it was fun to hear from everyone...

    Thank you Jimmy for stopping by during your busy day/night.

    Thanks Hildred for comment.

    It's 6am, and I'm in my velour sweats--very comfy!

  6. It depends. Sometimes I get up and go right to the computer while I'm still in my PJs. Sometimes I'm still in work clothes from the day and I go right to my computer.

  7. Thank you Shelly! PJ's are winning out, I think. (^;


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