Monday, November 7, 2011

Coffee Klatch Monday

I have a cup of coffee--creamer & Splenda--and a cookie this morning. What did you have?

Hi, and greetings to old and new fans/followers out there. I'm unable to see my followers list, so you'll forgive me that I'm not able to return the favor unless you make a comment here. Thanks for the add, at any rate.

This is going to be a trial thing, this Coffee Klatch Monday. What is Coffee Klatch? It's a casual gathering for coffee & conversation. So, if you are participating this is all I ask of you:
1. Leave a comment. Say hello.
2. Tell me what you are having at this Coffee Klatch (i.e. coffee & bagle or whatever)
3. Click on someone you don't know who leaves a comment and check out their blog! And all of a sudden you have a new friend and possibly a potential follower. The whole idea is to follow the meaning behind a coffee klatch in the old sense of a casual gathering and chatting/greeting. If you want to join in, please do. I'd love to hear from you, what you are doing today or this week, and hope to accomplish. If you are doing NaNo, let me know how it's going. If you are joined up but are not getting anything done with it, share that. (I did join, but early on decided it was too much for me--got too much this month to do.)

Tell us what you've done this week, or what you've blogged about. Anything you wish to share. We all need support and kind, encouraging words from our fellow bloggers/writers. I know that not everyone can stop and say hello, but I'd love to hear something from any of you who have not made a comment here in a long while. Again, if you are doing the NaNo, I don't expect it. This will be a lean month of comments at Lorelei's Muse. But if you do read this, and have in the past made comments on something, I think you for your kind words and encouragements.

Meanwhile I'm going to tell you about a few blogs/people you should check out.

The first one I share in the name of all writers who have had doubts about themselves and their writing at least once. If you've never seen The Kill Zone blog, you might want to go check it out. James Scott Bell is known for his suspence writing, as well as his contrabutions to Writer's Digest. He has a list of things you should NOT do as a writer called "How To Feel Miserable As A Writer".

And this just in: James Garcia Jr., author of his fast-paced, vampire book, "Dance on Fire", has given me an excellent review at his blog. If you have been considering reading my book, Vampire Ascending, but have not commited, you might want to read his review. THANKS JIMMY! I think he gave me a fair review here.


  1. When my stomach is back to normal, I plan on having peppermint mocha coffeemate with my coffee (instant taster's choice). In the meantime, I'm having either dry toast or a dry english muffin - I haven't eaten since about 24 hours ago...:( ~Jennifer A. Weydert (from facebook)

  2. Oatmeal for me, I'm still feeling guilty about everything I ate ~Tabitha Twietmeyer (from facebook page)

  3. I love this new idea! I'm having coffee with pumpkin spice creamer and Hershey's chocolate in it. And I'm working on a tour header for an author who is hosting a fantastic giveaway to benefit kids.

  4. Olay let's try this now (I've been having so much trouble with my BB again!)

    Anyway it is now lunchtime but I'm still drinking my tea as I'm suffering from allergies. I haven't even attempted joining NaNo though I can probably use it to further the plot to Celeste. I'm concentrating on a bunch of short stories

    Not feeling well has definitely held me back. I have to stop my cursor is becoming schizoid again. That's a nice plot - the schizoid cursor strikes again!!!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Hi, Lorelei! I'm having hot cocoa and my dad's homemade pizzelle's. It's a traditional Italian cookie. So yummy!

    I'm doing NaNo for my third time this year. Week 2 and so far so good! I'm taking a break from posting on my blog until December, but I'm still keeping up with my buddies' blogs. :)

    Hope you have a great week!

  7. Heather--I can see where you get your ideas pumpkins spice and chocolate would give anyone some interesting dreams LOL! Your project sounds interesting!

    Dora, I'm really glad you could join us. I think you should consider the cursor strikes again idea. You might find it will give birth to something crazy for another short story--maybe a bit of horror or possibly (if your into them) zombie related. Eww!

    And new comer Laura Marcella, welcome to my blog! Sounds like you've got some nummies too! Thanks for stopping by. When you return to posting I'll be there--I've just added myself to your followers!--and those are some wavy lines, by the way.

  8. Hey, I'm drinking a strawberry-almond latte and thinking it's nice to get out. I origanally planned to do nano but I knew I could never keep up right now. At this point my main hope is to write anything at all each week, eventually it will add up.

    I hope you feel better soon Jennifer.
    Laura, it's amazing you've been able to do nano three years in a row. Having the time, let alone the content in mind is impressive.

  9. Hey, Emily, glad you could stop by! Keep on writing!


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