Monday, December 5, 2011

Coffee Klatch Monday ~ Book Launch

Hey, everyone! How are you this morning. I had to get up and check my favorite blogs early. I thought the picture above was appropriate for today. If I had a VampChix cup, that would have been here, but I don't.

Why? Well, because my new book has begun its launch on VampChix today. If you want a chance to snag yourself a copy of Vampire's Trill--my new exciting read--then head on over there now.

The rest of you can sit and chat with me, if you like.

In my coffee today, I will have something called peppermint mocha, a decadent creamer a friend of mine (Jennifer Weydert), gave to me as a Christmas present.

And I'm having chocolate cake because I can!

What are you all having in your cups and with, and what is up in your world today?


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