Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Where I'm At Today ~ Suburban Vampire, of course!

Hello, my lovelies, and a special dark hello to all my favorite lurkers and stalkers. You guys make it happen, you know that. So, listen up...

TODAY: I'm over on Suburban Vampire where Cathrine has given me 5 questions about things that scare me or things that I find interesting on that level of scariness, including which vampire in my series I find most scary. Go and find out what they are HERE. PLUS there is a give away! So, if you want another chance to win a copy of Vampire's Trill get on over there pronto!

Tomorrow I will post another one of my excerpts for you, since today I wanted to send you all off to have fun!


  1. Heading over to check it out ... congrats on the launch, btw!


  2. Thank you, E.J.! You're a great pal!

  3. Now those sound like fun questions! I'm off to check out your interview.

  4. They were fun! It got interesting with the rat question! Ewwww!


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