Monday, January 2, 2012

Coffee Klatch Monday ~ M is for Mystery

Yeah, this says GOOD MORNING in a lion-y way!

I've been working on my mystery these past few days, just in case anyone wonders why I've been rather reclusive.  I've never written a straight murder mystery before. And especially a detective novel where I've got to show them at a crime scene.

You all know I have fun placing a mystery within my vampire novels, and I love to have Sabrina Strong solve them. She would be my sleuth if I were to write a cozy. But this isn't a cozy. It's called a procedural. And if I were to have a new challenge for 2012, this is it.

Jansen Crosse is my detective. His wife was murdered in a home invasion (I'm still working on when exactly) at some point in the past. And here is the part where you go Ahhh! Oooo! His wife has come back as a ghost. No. No one sees her, but her ghost happens to be a poltergeist. I think if I were murdered I'd be angry and want to come back as a poltergeist, too. Anyway, he and his teenage daughter, Faith, still live at the same house. Thus things go bump at any given moment. Lately, it's been happening in Faith's room, and it's very upsetting. However, Jansen is going to find out that his ghost-wife is rather good at helping him out on his cases.

So, I've been doing some research on related things. I found some interesting blogs, and some not so interesting. Most are blogs by mystery authors, but are not all very informative. I did find a great blog post on guns, however, and later on this week I'll post about it and give you the link, if you have questions about guns, this blog post will help. If anything, a writer (who doesn't know anything about guns), who tries to write about guns in any capacity in their novels and makes a mistake--it will be noticed by someone who knows guns and they will want to throw your novel away if you put a safety on a Glock or a Sig Saur. These guns do not have safeties according to what I've found out. And never have a cop holding a gun up, or their finger on the trigger. Bad, bad bad!

I will post more about this later on this week, and have a link to this very informative page. I'll bet Heather would know something about guns?

What have you been working on this past week? Anything interesting?


  1. Hi Lorelie! I'll be working on getting some answers to you soon. Great questions, and the story looks thrilling. :)

  2. Well, thank you, Lydia! I'll be looking forward to it!

  3. I would indeed. Don't forget the de-cocking mechanism on a Sig too. ;) It can really cause someone who isn't used to it some serious problems! Sig is my personal favorite though, it's what I trained with. LOVE the mystery by the way!

  4. Wonderful premise Lorelei!

    I'm home today but still nursing this cold/sinus, whatever it is. Feeling much better though, especially after having made myself some wonderful chicken soup from some odds and ends I had in the refrigerator. Those who know me will tell you that you never know what you'll find in my refrigerator!

    I'm editing a couple of my stories and in a little while will have to get up and do some much needed cleaning.

    Not looking forward going to work though...

  5. Ah...yes, I had a hunch Heather would have firearm knowledge. I will keep that in mind, Heather!!

    Dora, glad to have you stopping in. Hope you don't clean too much and have a relaps!

  6. Aww... can't resist the lion in the coffee! Love the premise for your new story!! I don't know a thing about guns so I'm looking forward to hearing what you've dug up during your research.


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