Monday, January 2, 2012

Double Teaser Tuesday ~ two teasers for the price of one

Hello, my very lovely pretties...

This beautiful sunset has nothing at all with my post today. I just wanted to lure you in... because I'm evil that way *smile*

First I would like to give you one of my favorite lines in Vampire's Trill. It's in chapter 13, page 146:

Miss Strong!” Nathanial's voice made me stop and twirl as the white doors slid open for me. He had rushed up behind me, striding, with long legs.
What?” I said, backing out into the office, wanting to make a clean get away from the inner office. I wasn't entirely sure Nicolas hadn't sent Nathanial to hold me captive until he got here.
Nathanial's gaze flashed off me and went to some point behind me. Oh, shit! My mind could almost see Nicolas standing right behind me and I felt a chill crawl up my spine. I swallowed, trying to remain calm. Vampires could tell by your heart rate if you've been up to something you shouldn't have been. And mine was hammering.
That was when the color washed out of Nathanial's face what color there was, that is.
You aren't bothering this lovely young lady, here, now are you?” the gravelly voice almost melted me knowing Hobart was there, and not Nicolas. I stood my ground, and flicked a casual glance back to the leather-clad Were.
Who the hell are you?” Nathanial came back bravely, but I bet he'd nearly shit his pants upon seeing the Were standing there. Hobart looked like something that just walked out of the worst alley of Chicago. Even in his cleaned up state, he had a presence that took quite a bit to get used to.
That's not important. What's important is I don’t like the way you're talkin' to my Alpha. Dig?” He clasped one hand over a fist and I heard some knuckle popping. Hobart threw off enough testosterone to knock any lesser man over. I could see that Nathanial wanted nothing of it.
Never mind. Have a nice evening, Ms. Strong. Hope to catch up to you later.” He tried for a polite tone, but it was forced.
Not likely. I'm leaving for the day.” I turned and strode away. Hobart stood waiting for me to pass before he moved a muscle, or took his eyes off Nathanial. Once I stepped past, he followed me out of the office. I could hear the leather of his pants and jacket creak and the buckles and chains all over clanging as he walked. I felt like a hardware store with balls was following me as I strolled to the elevator.

©2011 Lorelei Bell

Also, I've been monitoring my posts just like anyone else around blogspot, and you can see I have my most popular post to the left hand side.

There's one that is so popular I get a hand full of hits per day on it. Sometimes a dozen (depends upon if Germany is looking in on me--or Russia (*wave*)

But here's the thing--this particular post has had 369 pageview of all time--and it went up on Sept. 13 of THIS YEAR! It only has two comments on it, but this is the most popular post on my site. So, go check it out if you haven't already.

Its a very short teaser from Chapter 14 in Vampire's Trill. it is quite a teaser--if you get my drift.  Here is the link TEASER TUESDAY.

And if you've yet to join the Fan's of Vampire Ascending/Sabrina Strong Series on facebook yet, just hit my LINK.

Have a lovely day, my pretties!


  1. Hardware store with balls. LOL! TFF!

  2. Don't you just LOVE that? Sabrina kills me!LOL

  3. Yup. I love it. It's amazing what our characters come up with.


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