Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Mystery WIP & My New Header

I've changed my banner, as you all can see. There are adjustments to be made and they will come along. How do you like the changes  to Lorelei's Muse so far? I must thank my very good friend John Roach ,who shares the interest of all things vampires (big and small? Bad & Bold?) with me and has an expertise I would not be able to replicate.

At any rate I felt it was time to get something which reflected my books in some way, and I believe this will do it.

Now, I've promised any of you who needed a little help with certain details with handguns, if you were not familiar with them. At some point, no matter what genre you write, you may need to know about guns. How to hold them and how NOT to hold them. Certain other details about them can be found on this link at Make Mine Mystery There are quite a number of things covered here. However, if you can get in touch with someone who handles guns, or sells them, it would be a good idea should you need more on a particular gun.

I have a nephew in law enforcement, he is now a Civil Process Deputy, and so I've got someone I can squeeze information from get certain information from. He tells me (just got a quick email from him) that the  police are given a choice of weapons. His weapon of choice is a .40 caliber Baretta semi automatic. Hmm, I like that for my Jansen Crosse. Somehow being slightly different might help distance me slightly from other writers who simply go with the flow and always place a Sig Saur, or sometimes a Glock, in the hands of their detective. In his quick email he told me that police ammo was different from civil in that the slug flattens out--I'll have to remember that--and I think he said it stays in the body. Eeeesh!

I would like to thank also, Lydia Kang of The Word Is My Oyster has "Medical Mondays" where she will answer your medical-related questions--as long as they are for your fiction (she has a disclaimer on her sideboard), and has sent me some wonderfully--and perhaps morbid links on such things as Rigor Mortis and Lividity, and some cool stuff on gunshot wounds. (If anyone needs such things email me, and I'd be happy to send you the links.)

Why would I be interested in all this, you might ask. Yes. You might ask that, indeed... I've begun writing a mystery. I announced this a little while ago, and spoke of it on Monday, and Lydia was more than happy to help me out when I asked her a few questions over on her blog on Monday.

I've got some other things to say about my delving into my newest WIP mystery which is a police procedural, and although it is slightly different, it will adhere to the way one is written (in other words I won't have to write a love scene at all--whew!) and can concentrate on the mystery aspects and how my MC will come around to solving the crime. I love mysteries, but have never, until now, wanted to tackle one. Seemed this one sort of snuck up on me.

How is your Wednesday going? I'm about to go to the local B&N and try to attain a book signing there. Wish me luck!


  1. I like the layout much better. Good job so far. Can't wait to hear more about your new story. A big switch, that's for sure, but I love that.

  2. New banner rocks! Very creepy... in a cool kind of way!


  3. Thank you Miranda... I'll have more posts about it later.

    Thank you,E.J.

    My friend, John made some adjustments, now it's even better, now that it's been shrunk down.

  4. I agree with E.J. about the banner being creepy in a good way. It's a real attention-getter!


  5. I LOVE the new look so much! Wow, great new year make over. Best of luck with B&N. My fingers are crossed that you get to sign there!

  6. Thanks, Heather. I do like this new look!

    STill waiting for word on signing...


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