Thursday, January 19, 2012

Still Having trouble...

I'm still having problem coming to certain sites. Last night I went to Heather McCorkle's blog, read it and was waiting for things to settle when it went all blank.

Obviously blogger is redoing things. I could see that the comments at Heather's blog had a tiered look to it. When this all straightens out I'm hoping I can finally go to blogs to make comments. Until then, I'm only able to go to certain ones and even make comments.

I've changed my comment settings, as some of you might have already noticed. I went into settings to change "comments" and now you will get a pop up window. I had to do that because I couldn't even comment on my own blog. I finally saw how I was able to comment on other people's blogs, and changed mine.

Why is it we have to change things constantly? Eventually I won't even be able to do anything here.

I'm going to post about my up-coming book signing when time allows. I'll post some pictures of my past book signings. A few years ago I didn't think it would be possible to even have a book out, let alone a book signing. And I've managed to get a book signing with a book store which is notoriously tough to get one. So, I'm going to tread the waters carefully here.

I'll post this over the weekend, since my time during the week has been so short in the evenings now that I'm back to a regular schedule. Plus, we are about to get a snow event. I've heard some predicting a foot, others are backing off because this thing has not even reached the coast yet. So even talking about how many inches of snow we will get by using computer models, is I think rather stupid at this point.

Now, I'm off to make my lunch.


  1. Hey, Lorelei:

    I'm having issues replying back to others as well. The reply button doesn't seem to work or when I do reply, my computer freezes up on me.

  2. Yes. Exactly why I went with the pop-up window for my blog, Shelly.

  3. I'm hearing these complaints all over Blogland at the moment, Lorelei. Blogger's messing with stuff again. Sigh. Hopefully it will all settle down again soon!

  4. Yes, Emma, I hope so. There are so many blogs I can't go to. They may come in, but after a minute they go POOF! Yours might be one of them, so forgive me if it would seem I'm not visiting, but it's only because of this goofy thing they are doing. I've gone through so many of these things with certain things I can't even get in (Like my followers) eventually I won't be able to even post here on blogspot!

  5. It's been such a pain, Lorelei! I hope they figure this out soon. I really don't want to have to abandon ship and redo my blog somewhere else.
    Thanks for the pop-up window idea. I'm doing it now, too.



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