Monday, January 16, 2012

Coffee Klatch Monday - Down the Toilet

Hello to all my lovelies out there!

This week begins my back to my regular work and hours--finally no more night driving. And winter has finally come to our area, and will bring us all sorts of crap our way through the week--so, it's all going to go into the crapper from here. Right? I, along with my fellow transit drivers at NIU, will have to avoid the bad drivers, but also the 28,000 students who walk to class, see a bus and have this inexplicable need to walk out in front of us. Fun times.

Anyway, I may not have time to do many posts, but when I do I'll plop something interesting down here.

As of yesterday, I was still having problems with either making comments or bringing in people's blogs (Shelly Arkon and James Garcia Jr.'s blogs are among those I can't even see!) so hopefully any of you who can comment here, do so, so I know you're still out there and still love me. (^;

Thank you to those who are new followers--also I can't see who is following me, so if you're new, please leave a comment so  I know who you are, otherwise I can't visit you--and until this other thing clears up I won't be able to comment either. We may have to resort to facebook--which isn't a bad idea. At least that's working for me.

Have a great week and see you around!


  1. Ugh, Google and their commenting issues! But this time it's for a good reason. They're adding threaded comments, love it!

    And uh, I soooo do not want to drink from that coffee cup.

  2. Okay, Heather, I won't make you drink from the cup...

    So, what I did was a good thing, I hope?

    And I have no idea what "threaded comments is, so someone should explaine it to me (^;


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