Sunday, January 15, 2012

Waiting on my Cruise Ship to come in...and other fun stuff

I think it was last weekend, we got tickets for a free cruise. Yep. Got tickets for that and air fare.
Nope. Not going to take it. Why? Well, you need money on these things. Plus, the time away from a job to do this. Not only that we'll be cooped up on a ship with thousands of people... I really don't like to be cooped up with people all that much. I get to haul them around in my day-time job. The last thing I want to do is be cooped up with a bunch of them on the ocean. And just this morning one of them tipped over. It came too close to shore somewhere in Italy. I really don't want to fly and I really don't want to be on a cruise ship. We actually like to camp. So, I guess I'm waiting to make enough money and take a 5th wheel down the road.

I got my Publisher's Clearing House in the mail the other day. I was just working on that today. Not that I'd win that. (Yeah, my initials are definitely winners. RIGHT! How many people have the initials LB?) Besides, what the hell would I do with a million dollars a year FOR EVER? I'll take a million dollars, but this is like over-kill. This is worse than the guy who won a million dollars in the lottery, played again and won another million... Uh, why would someone play again if they won?!? C'mon, jerk, let someone else win, okay?

Well, I don't play that either. Not worth it. I can loose a stamp once in a while to PCH, but not a dollar a week for Lotto. The way my luck runs I'll loose more than I'd win.

I sent something in for a contest by Dark Moon Digest, and only after I did, I found out it wasn't what they wanted. *rolling my eyes* I couldn't find the rules where I went to, and then roaming around, I hit on something and found out what they wanted in more detail. They allow multiple entries, so I'll think about doing it RIGHT for a change and send something to them. I'm not very good at contests either. I won't even place.

I've got a few things to announce in the up-coming weeks. I have a busy February coming up--which is good, right? I will be interviewed on a couple of blogs--those are just a few of my things coming up...

Also, my very good writing friend, James Garcia Jr., is doing a article for his magazine featuring several authors who he has read their books over the last year, and I was among them. This may be coming up in a week or so.

I HAVE A BOOK SIGNING! YAY!  For the 25th of Feb., at Barns & Noble.

I've joined the "Bloody Hearts Blog Hop", this year. I'm not crazy about their badge. I guess it's the horrific thing here, but really I had a choice between the candy hearts filled with maggots, or the one with a skeletal hand holding a heart. I can pretend the maggots are...rice or maybe coconut filling. Sheesh! That will be going on from February 13-15th. I will be having a give away.

I am working away at my third novel. I'm doing edits and re-writes. Possibly it is in an eigth draft.

And Blogspot, for some reason is acting up again. I can't go to my comments--the page blanks out. Same thing for some of your blogs, my friends, so if you wonder where I've been--I've tried to come to your blogs, I might have even gotten them in and then they went to white. Sorry. Hopefully this is a temporary thing. I can't even make comments on MY OWN blog! So, again, we'll have to put up with this one agrivation.

And now that winter break at NIU is over, we will be getting back to work--and having more money (and pay off the credit card which has been used mainly for food and gas) If we made the pay that most transit drivers made, we'd be doing great. But at $11/hour that isn't much. Especially for a world-wide company that can pay us $16/hr.(and does for its other properties--notice I didn't mention their name here).

Oh, don't mind my bitching. I need to rant once in a great while here. At we're getting back to our normal hours, and I've got a book signing--even if I do have to tell everyone to pre-order their books. Hopefully they won't mind doing this. They merely have to remember to do this!

Hope your weekend is going well. I've got to drive Sunday morning--and that is why I have scheduled this post to go up then. Hope things are going well with you all. Make a comment if you want.


  1. Happy Sunday! I'll be hair lopping today. :)

  2. I've had friends who have gone on cruises. I guess it depends on the ship.

  3. Hah! I've figured out how to comment here. I've changed the way the comment comes up was my problem. Until everyone else goes with a pop up window, or things settle down here at blogspot, I'll only be able to comment on a pop-up window.

    So, I'd like to thank Shelly and Nellie for their comments here.


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