Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Help with how people are related in my WIP

You know how vampires live down through the centuries? Well, the ones in this up-coming book (who live on another world), can procreate with humans. So some of them have odd relationships. Like... well this one for example. I have Drachen who is Jett's cousin, but from there it gets confusing because Mihnea is Drachen's father, but was Drakulya's son who eventually married Contessa, who is Jett's mother's sister (aunt).
You might see my delema, it's rather difficult to figure out how the lineage might be explained here, but here is the dialogue as it is in my manuscript. I just wanted to put this out there if any of you read this and let me know if it makes sense, or if you think it won't add up, let me know.

I see that Mihnea was your father. Sixty-five years ago Mihnea was born to Drakulya, and he eventually married Ivory who died. He later married Contessa and they had children. You and Ali are his youngest children... ? Somehow that doesn't sound right.” I frowned down at the floor.
His lips drew up on one side. “Actually, it's a bit more complicated. We are half brother and sister to Jett and Joha, and we are also their aunt and uncle.”
You're right. That is complicated,” I said.
Mihnea, our father, became a vampire much like I am becoming one at about the same age. Contessa is Gretchen's sister, who our father married after his last wife, Ivory, died at age eighty-three. Gretchen, being Jett and Joha's mother, made us more than merely cousins.”

So is Drachen half-brother to Jett? And is he also- in this odd relationship - his uncle?


  1. The way this is worded is very confusing. Who is Drachen's mother? and who is Jett's father?

  2. Oh, and is Ivory the mother of Contessa and Gretchen?

  3. Hummm, you're right, Emily. Maybe this is just too complicated.

    I'm going to probably yank it since it really isn't that important.

    Thanks for showing interest in trying to figure this out!

  4. I am a tad confused. Though I see what you're trying to explain. Sounds complicated my dear, best of luck!

  5. Yeah, Heather, I'm just gonna take it out. It sounded good when I put it in there, and the more I looked at it the less I felt it made sense.

    Thanks for stopping by anyway and trying to figure this out!


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