Wednesday, March 14, 2012

You Ever Google Yourself?

I was Googling an author just this morning to find her on line and at facebook, this morning and thought "I wonder what I'd find on myself" So, I went ahead and put my name into Google. You know how many Lorelei Bell's there are out there. Thank God! I don't want people to know exactly where I live, they'd have to know where I live to find me.

Anyway, yes. I'm there. Lorelei's Muse is there, and I'm on Smashwords, FrogenYozurt, which is my publisher's site (and you will see that he has used the top portion of my second book for his banner--which is really cool) Amazon, facebook... I read my bio in Smashwords. Sounds a little lame to me. I found my interview on "Bloody Bookish" which was done back last October. And a certain someone had left some odd comment, which I hadn't seen before (I'm not saying who--*Jimmy*--he knows who he is).

I went to the second page, and even more places that I've been featured on appeared (Such as Carol Gill's interview as well as James Garcia Jr.'s Kink River's Life spotlight on Indi authors.

I found my first book over on a site "Top Mystery Novels" which I don't even remember seeing. I think it was placed there in 2011-probably by my publisher.

The third page gives you my facebook page, and my second novel's release of "Vampire's Trill".

And this one on Zimbio was a little surprising. this is some sort of Hollywood site. My first book's release is here  Plus my second book's release announcement is here

Sort of interesting to find myself out there, and how a publisher is helpful in placing my book's releases onto interesting sites like the last one. Hmmm, I need to tweet these and then I've got to get ready to leave for a day out at a local state park for a picnic and fun hikes in the white pine forest.

Have a good day!


  1. Oh, yes, I definitely occasionally google myself. Of course, I'm pretty much the only Hildred Billings in existence, and just "hildred" in search is mostly Me Me Me. On hand it's pretty cool because it means potential readers will stumble upon me fairly easily, and on the other it reminds me how careful I should be on my public networks =P

  2. you are google famous... i googled myself once, i was alone and it was dark...wait that is a different thing.

  3. ~Richard: Am I famous? I have no idea. But finding myself 3 pages deep (I didn't have time to go further), was pretty impressive, I guess.

    ~Hildred: One would think there are no other Lorelei Bells out there--and there wasn't, but I was sharing the spotlight with a Karen Bell (I think)I should off her I think.

    ~Jeremy, maybe you forgot to turn on the lights and your computer? *laughing*

  4. Ha. I just googled Little Gothic Horrors and a few interesting things came up... especially posts about my blog and links in various forums that I never knew about! What a surprising exercise! I had no idea that there were strangers out there saying nice things. Thanks for putting the idea in my head!

  5. Shelly, if you say so...but I'd like to be more famous LOL!


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