Sunday, May 6, 2012


I had no idea what to call this Monday's Coffee Klatch. I think the exclamation points and question mark sort of show that. And I've got the goblet here, instead of a cup. It's sort of a theme today.

I've been writing these posts on Sunday, because I feel that it should go up early, and I have no time to write these in the a.m.'s as I'm usually getting ready for my "real" job.

This weekend had some surprises. One was the wonderful review put up by Christina Bahr, who won Vampire's Trill in a contest, and upon realizing this was the second book, she bought the first one, Vampire Ascending. I was totally blown away about it, as she first friended me on facebook, and then posted her link of the review she gave me there on my timeline the other day. If you haven't had the chance to read it, (Although I don't know how you missed it, since I shared it all over the place!), here is the link at ALL THINGS ME. Plus the link is now in my "Reviews" Page.

Plus, yesterday I posted that I was almost finished with edits of the third book, and announced the title. The title was giving me a problem the whole time. And then I reminded myself that I wanted to make all the titles with the word Vampire in it. So, I thought about it some more. Then, because of the fact that I had originally decided the titles would also have something to do with a classical music description, I went back to my old notes and found the word "Nocturne". It was perfect for this one since this book is a mishmash of romance, mystery, adventure, steam punk and the usual Sabrina Strong antics, with a dash of horror, I decided this described it beautifully.

Sabrina will travel once again to another world. This world is stuck in the Victorian age. She's about to meet the most notorious vampire in the world: Drakulya--For real! As with all of my books, I give you another page turner, Sabrina will get to use her Dagger of Delphi in this one several times on some vampires and something I call Dreadfuls in this one.

There are a few surprises and of course some twists and unexpected turns! I haven't even written a description for my publisher yet! But all in good time. I need a break from the series, and will take a three-month one to work on other things.

Well, this post was longer than most, but I hope you forgive me for rambling about "all things me". After I get the book out to publisher, I may have a little more time to loung (yeah, right). I do have a few projects in the wings, and several blogs/facebook groups to keep track of as well.

Hope your week will go great!

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