Saturday, May 5, 2012

News from Me

Hello, my pretties. How are you all today? I've been busy with my usual Saturday stuff, and now I'm back in my office, and I need to work. But first some news.

First off, if you are into vampires and love free things, I want to send you over to Carole Gill's Official Author page. She has the prequel, "Dreams of a Vampire", to her book "House on the Blackstone Moor" up for free over on smashwords, plus if you wish to win her book you only need to leave a comment there. Get all the information on her giveaways at the link above.

I had the opportunity to read Carole Gill's book "House on the Blackstone Moor, and found it refreshingly different in a sea of cookie-cutter vampire novels. Set in Gothic England, a tale of madness and how a young woman thinks she has escaped it, only to be swept up by even more evil than she had ever thought possible, and also, amazingly, finds love. I enjoyed the book very much!

If you did not know it, Carole and I have teamed up on a sister blog called Bloody Good Vampires.

If you have not stopped by as yet, do so. I have only just begun blogging there, but it is filled with great flash fiction and other tidbits on or about vampires. Everything vampires is our motto! We each will be doing what we call our "Tales from the Vampire Vault". This will be our flash fiction pieces, so do drop in to see what we dig up.

I have other news. I am just pages away from finishing my third novel's edits, and will be sending it off to publisher in a week's time. I've also settled on a title.

Are you ready?

Vampire Nocturne.
I chose the word "nocturne", because it basically encompasses the novel's over-all feel. NOCTURNE means "a romantic or dreamy musical composition/thought appropriate to night." It is my steam punk/vampire novel which has more of a romantic slant to it than the first two. I hope to get this to my publisher quickly so that they have plenty of time to work on line edtis, etc, and you will be reading it before Christmas!

Hope your weekend is great. Ta, for now. 


  1. Hi Lorelei! Yes I would love to win Carole's book "Dreams of a Vampire". Am I doing something wrong though? I clicked on her webpage and thought I was brought there, it said it cannot find the web I was looking for :)

    Anyway, I will go to smashwords and see if I can download it.

    I've been sick with these darn allergies but there might be something else afoot. The doctor is sending me for some tests (I hope nothing serious) but serious enough that I've been laid low by dizziness and nauseousness and losing much writing time. This might just be plain old allergies.

    Congratulations on having your third book done! Love the title.

    Speak soon.

  2. Boy-oh-boy! You are a busy, busy girl.

  3. Dora, I hope things turn out that its allergies or maybe something like an ear infection. I can't think of what might cause dizziness and so forth.

    Shelly, thanks for stopping by both this and Trill's blogs. I just can't leave well enough alone.


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