Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Good Saturday Morning!

After our thunderstorm yesterday, we had another one during the night. Some people had power outages, downed trees, and so forth around the area. We were lucky to experience none of those!

We got more rain, and that is a good thing. Grass looked greener, the corn in the field across from us seemed to have shot up a half a foot. We had a terrible drought going, and if we did not begin having good soaking rains, we would be in a terrrible mess. I can almost hear all the plants, birds and humans sigh a big sigh of relief.

So, I'm able to place pictures here. I'm so happy about that. So happy I'm going to share something I've been working on. It's not completed yet, but I'm working on this in paints. I'm thinking of using it as a cover for a self-published story, but not sure what as yet.

I've been messing around in "paints". I do hold a degree in art and sometimes I miss being able to "paint". Using paints is a bit difficult, but I'm one who likes a challenge and this offers one.

Having had these two weeks off, and getting a number of things done/accomplished I feel as though I've made good value of my time. I had my very first short story put up on Amazon. It's a vampire story about Rasputin, just in case you missed this, here it is again. Holy Devil is available as an ebook for .99 on Amazon (world wide) at

I don't look forward to going back to work next week, but hey, gotta bring in the money again. Besides, I'll make OT on the 4th, and that will be nice, but driving a bus during the busy times is rough.

Hope you have a great Saturday!


  1. I'm so happy it rained for you. Yay!

  2. Yep! Thanks for sending me some, Shelly!

  3. I'm impressed with your Paints product. I'm not an artist. Would not be able to do it. Good luck on your short story.

  4. Well, thank you, Mari. And thank you for coming by and commenting!


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