Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday Coffee Klatch ~ Self Marketing for Writers

Well, good morning all! Hoping that all of you are safe, do not have any more fires, downed power lines/trees, or storms to contend with. As for us it's day-to-day and maybe hour-to-hour. Our last storm (yesterday) sort of blew up out of nowhere. So, eveyone be vigilant, watch the sky, and stay aware. I do know that a few of you have had power outages, so my heart goes out to you. I know what it is like to have to live in a motel for a few days while it's being restored.

I usually talk about nothing important on my Monday post. But today I think I've found something worth while.

I was over at my Writer's Digest page today, noting that a few new people joined my Vampire Writer's page there. I like to welcome new people over to the dark side, make them feel comfy and welcomed so they might want to leave a comment, or a pint of blood by the door as they leave *snicker*.

I also like to see what is up with them on their pages. See what groups they belong to and what they are interested in writing (besides vampire stuff). So, I found a page about a woman who put this book out for us authors who need to know something about getting our marketing going. It's called "Mosquito Marketing for Authors" I love the title. I remember the title "Gorrilla Marketing" that someone had out years ago, not exactly geared toward writers, and here, someone came up with a book directed to writers and I say it's about time!

I've got the direct link to Amazon: if you would like to check it out. I'm going to peek at a few pages there, and decide if it's something worth $12.95. It's in paperback form, so that's good! I don't buy on line and I can go to the local bookstore and order it.

Eveyone have a good Monday. I'm back to work tomorrow. Au revoir!

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