Friday, July 13, 2012

A Pretty Darn Good Friday (13th)

Well, I had a pretty good Friday. This post is going to be me flapping my gums about it, so if you want to stick around, please go right ahead and put your feet up.


Just before my second run (I drive transit bus for DeKalb/NIU), and my supervisor came up to the bus with a trainee, and asked if I wanted to read more of the book I was holding in my hands. Well, I didn't get it at first, and he said he was going to do a "live run" with the trainee for two runs.

I said "SURE! YEAH! GREAT! See ya in 2 hours!" I grabbed my things, jumped off the bus, went inside and wondered what I'd do with 2 hours. I felt like a kid let out of school suddenly. So, I decided I'd go into the cafeteria first, grabbed myself a milk (already had my lunch made), and sat down where it was quite, lightly low, and only a few people in there. I read and ate my sandwich. I spent the next two hours reading, grabbing ice from the ice machine on the second floor of the hotel, and read some more. Had a lot of bathroom breaks, since I COULD!

Of course I had 3 hours left on my shift when they got off. But I was able to deal with all the dozens of people who got on. Some asking questions, some confusing our bus line with another and asking for transfers, and had someone thinking we stop somewhere we don't, and another one tried to get on where we don't stop (sorry, no courtesy stops!), and people asking me to let them off at some place and I had to remember that! Sheesh!

But it all went fine. Then, when my husband picked me up he was all newsy. He told me he got to see 2 of the kittens. Someone who works for the forest preserve was there at the house getting well water, and had told him that he spotted them in the hole of the tree, and Dennis got to peek in there. (I got to see one when I got home. Spitting image of the mom with the dark tiger stripes and the golden cast around the face, and soooo tiny!)

We have been in a little dilemma about feeding the mother since we want to take a get away vacation soon. So, my husband also went down to our neighbors down the road from us. He asked the woman, Janna, about how long before the kittens would be weaned and so forth. He also asked about seeing if she could feed her. She's very nice and said she would love to do it.

And, let's see, oh, and my face creams came in the mail. I've been waiting for them a few days. This is Natural Advantage. You may have see the ad with Jane Seymour who talks about it, who uses it, her mother uses it and her grandmother as well, and they all look way younger than they are! Well, my husband had me get it, because I've tried everything on the store shelves and they'll work for a while, and then stop working after a few weeks. I began this stuff 4 weeks ago, and I definitely see a difference now. I don't think you can go wrong with this stuff. Sounds like I'm an ad here, but I wouldn't say something I didn't feel was true. I began seeing the deeper lines on my face and neck and thought GAK! I'm about to turn 58 next month, and I could pass for 49. I didn't like the idea of looking like a grandmother driving around college age kids. I don't mind them thinking I'm their mother's age, but not their granny. So, I think this was well worth the price.

And I've been waffling back and forth working on my vampire books, and my new mystery book. At the moment I'm working on the mystery. Sort of a nice change, but I'll tell you writing a pure mystery is way different. I'm looking into some books to help me. I want to get the book, "Writing Mysteries" by Sue Grafton. I saw it mentioned somewhere and thought that might help. If anyone has any others to suggest, I'll take them under consideration.

Plus, I had word that my short story, "Mother Knows Best", got past the first cut stage with Dark Moon Publishing, and I'll wait to see if it makes it past the second go-through. Since my other story didn't make it "Holy Devil", I put it up on Amazon. I felt I couldn't go wrong either way. But I'd like to see this short story make the cut for another of their anthologies (plus I'll get a little payment and a copy of the anthology!)

So, this was a darn good Friday--I never pay attention to the 13 part!--and now I look forward to a nice weekend! Hope yours went well too!


  1. Fiday the 13th doesn't mean anything. Although, I did have a root canal today. My mouth is throbbing a little right now.


  2. Oooo. I know how that is. Had 2 myself.

  3. All that sounds better than my day - sort of.

    I woke up with a raging headache - the kind that makes you sick all day. I called in sick, feeling really bad about it; and when I felt good enough to sit up and move around I logged onto my google reader and, well here I've been all day.

    Hated the head ache; loved the time on the blogs to catch up.

    Things usually have a way of working out, even on Friday the 13th :)

    Good luck with the second story, I hope it makes it into the anthology.


  4. Donna, hope the head ache is gone today. And things do happen for a reason! HOpe that you caught some great sites for what you write (^;

  5. That's awesome that you finally got to see the kittens! And yay for your story making it past the first cut!

  6. Yeah, the ones I saw were so cute!

    Thanks for stopping by, Heather!

  7. I'm glad your Friday the 13th was good...because mine was rough. I won't even bore you or rile myself up with all of the gory details. All I know is I made way too much fun of teasing all of the employees around me with the date. That bad karma ended up biting me in the end (yes, I realize that has duel meanings). Next Friday the 13th, I'm not saying anything. ;)


  8. Well, darn it, Jimmy, now you have me curious!

    But lesson learned--right?

  9. I never pay attentin to Friday the 13th. I'm glad you had a good one!

  10. Now, see? That's the way we should do it. Jimmy learned his lesson, I think (^;


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