Monday, July 16, 2012

You know It's Hot When...

... I stand in front of a fan to dry my hair instead of a blow dryer.

... I drink beer instead of wine (beer placed in freezer for aprox. 15 min. is ideal)

How you all doing today?

I hope that this crazy weather is not affecting you as much as it is us. At this time, the corn in the fields is probably going to be chopped down. You might as well look forward to prices of anything that uses corn in any way, shape or form, to go up.

Suggest eating rice and wheat for duration.

My husband and I decided that we need to get away. And not just a few hundred miles, this time. This time it will have to be over 1,000 miles.

I knew we were looking at Montana, because at this report, they are not in floods or fire danger, so I think we'll be safe.

I didn't know that my husband was going to do this, but he actually booked us a room at Glacier Park Lodge. He wanted to get St. Mary's but it was booked. In fact, this one was too. He didn't even think he'd get the night he wanted. He gave them some dates, and lo and behold! They had one room for one night left!

He came into my office to announce "We're going to be staying in Glacier Park Lodge on the 5th of August!"

I was so excited and surprised tears burst to my eyes. He isn't one to make arrangements like this. He had to prod himself into doing it, and he was doubtful about even getting a room. So, good for him for getting up the courage to calling and talking to them. The woman said that they were having rain when he called. Ah! Rain! What is that????

So, I've got 9 more days to drive, and hopefully someone will take the remainder of my runs so I don't have to worry. I've been envisioning us on a long journey. I knew it was going to happen. We both like those long interstate road trips, winding up in a new state by night fall, and possibly 3 states away from Illinois on the first night.

Oh, here's a picture of the pool:

Hope you're Monday went well!

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