Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Going To The Sun Road (Glacier MT)

If you get to Glacier, you need to take what is known as Going-To-The-Sun Road. It is a 50 mile road that goes from the west side of the park to the east side. But believe me, it is special because basically it has you driving on the frigging edge of the mountains. There is only ONE switch back. The original was planned to have something like 16. And there are two tunnels. At one point while we drove, there may have been about 3" of room where our mirror came very close to the wall of the mountain as we passed another car--the other driver was scared s**tless because he was driving on the very edge of the mountain's drop off. How cool is that?

Beautiful scenery will have you wanting to stop and snap photos. There is nothing like it that I've ever seen in my travels--as yet. St. Marry's Lake is absolutely the color of the ocean. It's aqua, I kid you not, this is a photo I snapped of Dennis standing at a drop off with the lake behind him. This is the actual color of the lake!

As you can see the mountains, and the very namesake--glaciers--rise from it like ancient gods frozen in ice and granite.

The little tiny island out there is called Goose Island. We love taking pictures of it. This is only one picture.
This next picture is me standing beside our truck with more of the mountains behind us.
And this on is from another spot further into the mountains. There's a falls to the left of the picture in this.


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