Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Lodge: View and dinner 5- Star!

View out our room at Glacier Park Lodge. I don't think we could get a better room, do you?

Like I may have mentioned, there is no TV. Who needs it?

Dinner was excellent. I had rainbow trout--split open with tail and head still on (I'm not at all bothered by that), over the baked potato and these spring veggies we learned were shipped fresh from southern Calif. every day. Our waiter was all business, very efficient, but not too terribly friendly. Dennis had smoked prime rib--unusual, but very delicious. The meal put us back, but well worth it. I had a white zin that was excellent. Dennis went with beer. Nothing could beat that view, as we were seated at the large windows over-looking these mountains?

After we ate, we had to walk it off. And we explored the very bowels of this hotel, odd rooms, a stage in one, and there were lavatories down there too, so we had the excuse to go down there. Dennis was having lots of fun. I don't often get to see him let go and become silly like he did, and that was wonderful!

My only disappointment was the bed was narrow, and hard. The shower was just too small. The bathroom wasn't very large either. But, for a 99 year old lodge it was worth the experience.

The next morning, we were the first ones up. It was so quiet, we could hear any ghosts that may have been walking around. You see these pillars? These are actual sequoia tree trunks hauled in 100 years ago by train, then used mules to haul them from the train to the spot. The Blackfeet Indians set up their camp around the site to watch with fascination how the white man was going to get this thing up.

We waited around for something to open up so that we could have some coffee. A little snack shop opened up at 6 a.m., and we got two muffins and coffees and sat out on the breezeway gazing up at those mountains. It was a wonderful way to spend the morning. The quiet was great. Once people began to mull around, some of them workers in the hotel, we got scooting ourselves. We wanted to hit To The Sun Road, to see the glaciers up close, and the beautiful lakes!


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