Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Teaser Tuesday~With A Twist

Hello, my pretties, you know I've been meaning to post a teaser today, but thought I would do something a little different. The following teaser is from one of my first two books. I want to see if any of you can tell me which one it is from: Vampire Ascending, or Vampire's Trill.


Then those flecks of ocean fell on me. His smile grew broader as he rose--and kept rising. I suddenly had to revise my first assumption--he was impossibly tall, possibly seven foot tall, with a powerful chest, as though he had swung a broadsword at some point in his very distant past, or, as a hunter, carried a huge carcass home on his shoulders when he was a living man. As an undead, he was possibly the largest vampire I'd ever seen. Even without his superhuman powers, he could throw any one of us across the room.

Okay, there you go. This was just for fun, but I hope some of you will play along who've read my books. And if you've never read any... I'll have to sick my seven foot vampire on you! Shame on you!!!


  1. Like William, I'm guessing. I'll go with Vampire Ascending.

  2. Now that is my kind of guy! I LOVED this!

  3. Okay, so now we know what sort of men Heather likes... em... tall, blond and the blood-sucking sort. Good to know!LOL!


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