Sunday, March 31, 2013

The End

Hello, my pretties.
Hope everyone is having a nice Easter. Our weekend is pretty much the same--doing laundry, getting groceries cleaning, etc. Just another day for us.

Well, today I actually put The End on my sixth novel of the Sabrina Strong series, first draft. After writing over 93,000 words into this story, I think I can say for sure that Sabrina's story has me hooked. I want to continue with the sevent book, of course. But I can't do that. I've got to work on the next book to be publsihed, #4. Editing, and my beta reader (hi Shelly! Chocolate hugs!), the final work is yet to be done.

And actually my next project is to get out the ebook version of Spell of the Black Unicorn. I put off reading through it one more time and had planned on April to be when I would return to it. Luckily I finished the sixth book in time, right?

Spell of the Black Unicorn is a totally different book/series. I started that back in 2004. I self-published it in 2008, but had to pay to get it into print form and out there where people could buy it. I had my first book signing at Borders. All firsts. I was sick of waiting for someone to say they want my book--any book. I spent my whole adult life waiting, and I was going to turn 50. I said screw it, I'll do this myself. So, I did.

Now I'm editing the manuscript and I'm placing it out on Amazon and so forth for people to enjoy again. My first fantasy was a fun book to write. So much so that I wrote a second book, which has not seen the light. If people show interest I'll put the second book out, but not until I'm sure there is enough interest. And, it needs to be edited, beta reader, edited and so forth.

So, am I busy? Yes. I also have a full time job. When I find time to write, I have to do it. It normally takes me at least a year or more to write a first draft. But when I have to promote, that takes time out of the writing. It's all connected, but if you don't have a lot of time to do this, then, it's difficult. But I'm going to have to devote more time to that soon.

And lately blogspot is not giving me a view of the tabs I used to be able to see when I create a post, so since I can barely do my own blog posts, I'm not able to do any guest posts. I was fine for a while, but now I can't even do links. This sucks. When I want to post a picture I have to cheat, go place the picture over on my facebook page, do a right-mouse and click COPY and then come back to this page and click PASTE. This takes a lot of time. Time I just don't have, so you'll forgive me if I'm not inviting people over for a visit. Maybe someday I might figure out how to get back to being able to post, but my Internet is slow, and obviously I need to up-date my browser, but it's never supporting what ever I download! So, that's where I'm at as far as doing much here on blogspot.

But, I will try to continue to post things about what I'm doing. As long as I can get in here, I will.

Happy Easter, everyone!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wicked Wednesday

The weather is trying to turn around and give us hope here in northern Illinois. I think the state should be renamed to Annoying, actually. I'd like to move away someday, but that might be a while off.

But good news reached me today. Two of the four ladies who played the little game to win a copy of Vampire Nocturne just receved them today. Dora DeGostino, and Nina D'Arcangela--both in New York State--notified me that their copies came. Dora stated on Twitter that she got her "Easter present! Vampire Nocturne (3rd install Sabrina Strong series) is now in my hot little hands. luv the cover!"

For Dora, this is the second book she's won. She's a great fan who has written great reviews on all my books. Funnily enough, she claims she is not a fan of vampire fiction. I get that from other people too. You need not really like vampire fiction to enjoy my books.

Vampire Nocturne is nearly a stand-alone book, in that many of the main characters who Sabrina will be interacting with are in another world. Plus it is a steampunk, or has steampunk themes, since this world she goes to is in the Victorian era.

I'm looking forward to some reactions/reviews on this book.

Meanwhile, I'm puzzled about one silly thing. And it is silly of me to even worry about it. You see I've been pinning up my business cards up in a local grocery store for the past few years. It usually will remain pinned up for weeks. Eventually someone takes it. My new ones are sort of cool. It says "Got Vampire" in a creepy font, and I've got all my info down below on eye-catching neon orange. If the card is gone, then I know someone might really be interested in the books--I hope. But lately, I think the last 4 weeks, I've put my card up and almost the next day it's gone. I'd put up another and in a day or two it would be gone again. Last week I put up two--together--and they were there for a few days. I came back to work and saw both cards were gone over the weekend. So I put up another card. This morning it was gone.

The reason I'm wondering about this is because people can be nasty and take something down they think is--oh, let's just say against their moral judgement? Having said that and with Easter coming up, I've decided to not re-pin my card again for a while. I'm hoping whoever it is taking my cards and probably throwing them away will quit coming in and taking them. I'm certain that there aren't that many people grabbing my card because they're going to buy my books. I really have never seen my cards just fly off the bulletin board like this before.

Well, before I leave I wanted to direct some of you to my Sabrina Strong Fan facebook page. If you are not already a "fan" or a member of this, you may request I add you. I would love to see some new "blood", if you will.

If you ARE a member I would love to hear from you more often. As a matter of fact I've got a little questionnair up. The question is how many books do you read in a year? I'll leave this up for about a week and see what sort of responses I get. I'll then post a new question. I'd love to hear from you, so don't be shy. it's just a simple question.

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

When is a Vampire not exactly a Vampire?

ANSWER: When it's an Undead!
This picture reminds me of a character in my WIP. I'm doing a post today. Then I need to both write and enjoy the sunshine/day. Going to get snow after this BLAHHHHH! Hello, my pretties! It is a lovely day here in northern Illinois. March is being a spiteful bitch. Won't let go of winter. We still have snow on the ground. However, the spring birds (grackles, redwings and robbins) are trying to sing in the warm weather. Last night there must have been hundreds of these birds up in our trees singing, and it was a beautiful sound (very loud), and wonderful to see. So COME ON SPRING!!!

Well, the answer to my little question got you here, so I'll go into this a little further. When I began my fourth book Vampire Caprice, I was looking for something different. I research all over the place trying to pull something out of my magical hat (aka thinking cap).

That's when I came across something interesting about "Astral Vampires". Astral Vampires are beings that moves through the astral plane and/or subtle reality and feeds off the energy of others. Astral vampires can be wholly nonphysical enties, or they may be living, physical beings who have the ability to move and interact on a nonphysical level of existence. According to occultist Dion Fortune, "an astral vampire is created when a particularly powerful magickal worker resists the second death and perpetuates his unnatural existence by preying upon the energies of others."


At the time when I found this treasure of words, I was also trying to figure  [SPOILER ALERT!!!]out what the heck Dante Badheart--the Native American shifter who died at the end of second book--would become because he comes back at the end of Vampire Nocturne. (told you spoiler alert, didn't I??? Now you'll have to read my books prior to this one. Right?)

Now, I decided I didn't want to use "Astral Vampire" mostly because I needed to change it slightly, and fit it into my stories. So, since my vampires have a heartbeat (once per minute), I thought the word Undead would work. These are vampires in the traditional sense. They are actually the "dead" who have come back, exactly like what is described above.

In Vampire Caprice, I needed a really ancient being, something that even vampires could not kill. And something that actually took souls as a person dies. I wanted something that was able to pop in and out of places with ease, however I gave these creatures one thing they needed in order to pop in: mirrors. If there's a mirror, they can appear anywhere. And it needed violence in order to feed.

I'm excited about this fourth one, but also, to introduce it, I had to have Dante become an Undead in order to return to Sabrina. He promised Sabrina at the end of book #2 (Vampire's Trill) when she learns he is dead, because he visits her in the astral shell, and promises her he will find a way to come back. She also learns that he loved her--which is why he could not move beyond in death, because he never told her that he loved her, leaving her devastated emotionally. If you've read the second book you know this. I wanted to set things up so that Sabrina is not quite on board getting married to Vasyl in the beginning of the third novel, Vampire Nocturne. Sabrina becomes busy trying to find her cousin, winds up in another world where vampires rule and humans are their sex slaves and donors. Here she meets Dracula aka The Impaler, who has not only become a vampire somehow, but now lives as a ruler in this world. Sabrina must find her cousin before the vampires find her, and has to somehow outsmart Dracula who wants her for his own sex slave.

I will leave you here, my pretties. Enjoy your spring day!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Hello my pretties.
No. No I promise to be good today. Oh, I'll be more than good.

I've been working back and forth in the fourth and sixth books. Wondering which to bring a little for you to read. Well, since the next book Vampire Caprice is closer to the finish line, I think I'll bring you something from this one.

This is from Chapter 8 of Vampire Caprice (4th in the Sabrina Strong series). (Long)

Paris & Celeste

The vampire, the woman, and the short man with no arms, had checked into the motel just moments before he'd arrived. It sounded like the beginning of a bad joke to him, but he wasn't amused. Bill knew they were here because the Mustang Cobra was parked in the back. You couldn't miss the cobra emblem on the side. The same one Tremayne had driven to Randy's house, and later to Sabrina's, with Illinois license plates which read VAMP 1.
Unfortunately, there were no more single rooms on the first floor available at this motel. Even though he'd pulled out a fifty, to try and get one.
The blonde night manager had said, “Sorry, there's none to be had.”
So, he took the second floor. He'd eaten well at a diner. He yawned thinking of the tedious drive as he climbed the stairs back to his room—213. He had followed them, using his GPS tracker on I-88, through western Illinois, hoped on I-80 at the border, drove all the way across Iowa—312 miles—then, through Omaha, Nebraska, and continued to York. A total of 515 miles, with only two breaks for gas and to relieve himself. He hadn't dare to speed the way Tremayne had. But he was here possibly an hour after they had arrived. Traffic had consisted of mostly semis.
I wonder what rooms they're in. He swiped his card into the locking mechanism. It buzzed and let him inside. After closing the door, he twisted the dead bolt and threw the safety over the knob.
My life-time goal has come down to me chasing her across the mid-west. He chuckled to himself.
He'd made initial contact with her—as was the plan—after living with Emma for a few months.
He had told Emma he was looking for the sibyl in a phone conversation when he'd first moved into the area. Emma was a gifted psychic medium. She thought he was her grandson. Thing was he was a few decades too old to be her grandson, but he was willing to allow her to think this.
She lives across the street from me,” she had told him.
Really?” He remembered being elated by this news. “I need to meet her. How can I do this?”
Emma had a plan. They spoke on several occasions and she told him that it would be better if he moved in with her so as to let things take their course. It had been weeks before he could get up the nerve to actually talk to her. It was Emma's intervention that had helped bring them together.
After all this, and the years—decades—it had taken him to find her, he wasn't about to let a vampire lord take her away from him.
His father had drilled this into him since he was young that his ultimate life-time goal was to find and mate with the sibyl.
Didn't help when I'd tried to run off with a woman I'd fallen in love with eighty years ago.
He scrubbed his neck with the thought of that particular memory.
Never mind that.
Sabrina Strong was his target, now. He would bide his time. There would be an opening for him to take her, eventually. The vampire couldn't be with her 24-7 and neither could the leprechaun. But the leprechaun is a problem I may have to deal with at some point.
The question was what to do with her once he did snag her. It had him somewhat edgy, yet quite excited about the mere aspect of it. After all he'd waited nearly a century for her, and the moment to make her his was close at hand. A few more days, or hours were nothing.
Dropping his key card onto the bed side table, he rubbed his eyes. The vampire would need to sleep during the day; the humans during the night. Just as he needed to now.
He glanced at the clock on the table next to the bed. It read 4:23 AM. Hell, no wonder. Right now what he needed was sleep and the bed looked very inviting. He thought of taking a shower, but all he wanted to do was crash.
He sat on the bed, pulled off his shoes, looked at the suitcase he'd brought with him. He'd brought apartment pants, but was too tired to open it. He undressed to his briefs. With a groan, he stretched out on top of the bed, reached up and twisted the small knob of the lamp above his head and out went the light. With an exhausted sigh, his body relaxed and he closed his eyes. Thoughts still whirling around.
I wonder where they'll be headed tomorrow night when they continued their journey.

The mattress was firm, just the way he liked it. He actually liked motel beds, as long as the motel was among the top ten. The Best Westerns were better than most, he'd found, while traveling the United States, trying to locate the sibyl for the past five years.
Bill fell asleep. The dream came. Although it was a recurring dream, he hadn't had it in a while. It often repeated itself on consecutive nights when he was stressed and frustrated from his day. Today was one of those days.

We could elope,” he said, holding her close. Their breath becoming brief white clouds between them in the frosty air as they spoke in French. They stood at the very top of Arc de Triomphe. They had walked up all two hundred and thirty-four steps so that they could be alone. The view breathtaking and well worth it to be alone with Celeste Ganneau.
When? How?” Celeste asked, her voice strained with desperation. “Your father watches you like a hawk.” She tightened the scarf around her head when the wind threatened to blow it off.
Midnight,” he said, looking down into her dark eyes again. She's the most beautiful woman I've ever seen.
Midnight? Tonight? It is too soon!”
No. No. Listen. It has to be tonight. My father will be too busy at his party to notice I'm gone. There will be a lot of dignitaries, I don't know how he would be able to keep track of what I'm up to. I'll be there, show my face, and let him see me. Then, before midnight I'll slip out. I'll have a car waiting for me. I've already bought train tickets for us both. We'll leave for Strasbourg. You'll need to be at Garde deL'Est a few minutes before midnight. Can you be there?”
Alright. Yes. Yes! I must go and pack my bags!” Her words were barely out of her mouth and they kissed passionately, then twice more quickly, as he could hardly tear himself away from her.
You leave first.” He looked around. Only a few people with them, none of them looked at them. It was Paris, and lovers were commonly seen in such places kissing and hugging.
Celeste stepped away, heals of her shoes clicking along the walkway. She stopped at the edge of the stairs, looked back and waved to him. She turned and made her way down the stairs. He remained, watching from above, as she crossed the street. She then disappeared in a crowd and beneath naked-limbed trees along the sidewalk.
Heart beating heavily, but excited at the prospect of finally having a plan in place to leave Paris with Celeste, and be out from under his parent's watchful eyes. He made his way back down, making sure once again he had not been followed or seen by anyone. Ducking through the alley, he followed it, climbed up a back stairs and then onto an iron fire escape where he pulled himself up onto the roof. He jumped from one roof top to another, as the span between buildings were no more than three feet in most cases. Before long he was sliding through the window of his own room in his parent's villa. He wasn't allowed to use his wings. Not ever. If anyone saw, it would bring too much attention to them. The Nephilim had been careful for thousands of years to not let their wings emerge while in public. Not even among a private party. Only when in the privacy of their own rooms were they allowed to bring their wings out, and then only to preen and let them breath.
He quietly returned to his suite of rooms, through the bedroom window, briefly catching his shoe on the sheers. His exhilaration at the thought that he had managed to sneak out without anyone knowing vanished suddenly.
The red-haired man standing there, gloating both startled him, and infuriated him.
Bill awoke with a start. Sitting up in bed he gulped in air. He ran long fingers through strands of wavy brown hair that had fallen over his eyes . He brushed it all back. The sheets were soaked, and he was down to his underwear. When had I undressed?
More disturbing, his wings were unsheathed. An escape reflex. It had happened often when he was a child after a nightmare. But never as an adult. Why now?
Shaking himself from the dream—and an inexplicable fear—it took a moment for Bill to recognize the motel room, and a few more moments to remember where, exactly he was. The lights from outside slanted in like a beam where the curtain didn't quite meet in the center and along the edges.
It took a full minute to remember what town he was in while the dream would not diminish in intensity.
Yes, of course. The dream. It had come unbidden again.
Celeste,” he murmured, still running his fingers through his damp hair as though doing so would clear his mind of the dream that wanted to re-run again and again through his mind.
Why am I dreaming of her? Of that night...
He knew why.
He shook his head wanting to rid himself of that particular memory like a dog with a flea. He had not thought of Celeste Ganneau in years.
Something softly touched him on the arm. He jumped with a start. It was a secondary feather from his right wing.
He swore under his breath. Then chuckled lightly. Get hold of yourself, Bill. Reaching back, his fingers gently stroked his primaries and secondaries. He found them slick with perspiration and realized he would have to dry them. There might be a few that needed tending to, as he might have bent them during a fitful sleep.
He briefly scrubbed his face with his hands, feeling the stubble of beard, and let out a frustrated hiss. Throwing off the sheets, he reached over and turned on the lamp near his bed. He swung his legs over the side of the bed and his feet sought his slippers. They weren't there. Of course. He hadn't even opened his suitcase.
Dismissing the need for slippers, he padded his way into the bathroom. He had the distinct feeling someone watched him as soon as his bare feet hit the cold tile floor. His skin crawled, and there came that knowing sense that all his kind were gifted with. Something was there with him. Something unseen. Something supernatural. Something powerful. He flipped on the light switch and looked into the mirror, not at himself but around the edges of the mirror. He flipped the light off . Then back on. Hadn't there been the slightest shadow of something there in the mirror? There were beings that could not be seen in this world, but hovered just beyond a thin membrane that could sometimes be breached. A mirror was their favorite conductive route into this world, as they could harness it's two-way powers, if they were of a mind.
He switched the light off, exited the room, and shut the door. Hairs on his arms still stood on end. He would not be able to retract his wings the way he was feeling right now.
He hoped the unseen being would move on.
Why it was here was the one question that made his nerves on edge.
Is it looking for her?
© 2013 Lorelei Bell

Saturday, March 16, 2013


Valley of the DollsThis week I've seen a few people hop on this subject with abandon, and they've all been sort of knee-jerk reactions over the book "50 Shades of Gray". One site gave her running review and she was not in any least bit kind. She could NOT BELIEVE she had actually read/spent time & money on the books. She really did us all a favor for posting the review.

So, after reading this and a few other posts where someone actually said "Sex sells[books]", I began calming down and aksing myself WTF do I care? It's not as if EL James invented trashy novels, or really hit on something new here. Because she didn't. And she's not the first to get wealthy over it, either.

Sex in novels has always sold well. Here's an example of an early novel. Valley of the Dolls by author Jacquilne Susan with her roman a clef debute novel that grossed her $8 million when it came out in 1966. It was about three women, abusing alcohol and barbiturates (dolls is the slang term for downers), and choosing the wrong men to get involved with. Oh, and sex, and lots of it. Well who couldn't like that? Critics were "unkind" to her books ("Once is Not Enough", "Love Machine" etc.), but still she was happily jetting around the world, being seen on all the TV talk shows, and hob nobbing with the stars of Hollywood.

It was dubbed as a "Gateway Classic Trash" -- aka "trashy novel", and boy, you know, a whole bunch of women writers after her got on the bandwaggon and wrote/write dozens of similar novels where weak women characters hook up with men who use and abuse them. Well gag me.

So, this isn't new stuff, people. And if sex scenes--whatever combo you write--sells, then certainly RAUNCY SEX SELLS even better. This is not rocket science, but basic human curiosity and someone wanting to get off on the scenes in a badly written book--who cares about what's between the pages or how badly it's written, as long as we get to that spanking scene, right?

I'm not about to read, and have no desire to read such books with BDSM in them. I don't like erotica. I could not get through a whole novel by Laurell K. Hamilton. For one thing there was no plot to speak of, and the writing was, on a scale of 1-10 about 4.5. (Example: "It was so cold... so cold" - well how cold was it exactly? Where your nips hard or what?)

Furthermore, I don't like weak heroines who wind up with assholes who use/abuse them. I'm not that way, I hate seeing women wind up with such men, so why would I want to put both my heroine or my reader through it?

In my Sabrina Strong series, my main character is a strong female. She hasn't quite got the kick-ass part down, but she's learning, gradually. She's not a vampire slayer. Well, maybe in bed she is... eh-hum. Her one weakness is sex, and since vampies have the pheromones going, she gets to wear a ring that deters it, as long as they haven't tasted her blood or she's tasted theirs. She manages to tell master vampire, Bjorn Tremayne (Vampire Ascending) that she would not tollerate his messing with her that way, and wouldn't work for him if he continues such behavior. He cools his heals, but still wants her. Throughout the three books I have out right now, there's many hunks in every one of them, and women readers can take their pick of their favorites.

I didn't want to write a romance, or follow such plot lines that were so predictable you'd fall alseep, or begin skipping every page in between the bedroom scenes... I've made it hard for anyone to predict which guy she winds up with in any book. I wanted adventure, mystery, danger and relationships to be key in my novels. So when it came to sex scenes if it has something to do with the plot, I write it in.

In contrast to "50 Shades of Gray" my books do have vampiers in them (I'd heard that 50 Shades was the result of fan fiction of "Twilight" I have no idea in what draft the vampires were taken out), werewolves, elves, one smart ass leprechaun, and a few surprises, as well as a strong heroine who won't get pushed around by vampires and demons. As a bonus you can sit and read my books in the doctor's office, on the train, or wherever, and not feel like you have to hide the cover. Althought the sex scenes in my books have been described as "hot", they won't make you want to poke your eyes out.

The third book has steampunk themes, where Sabrina goes into another world to find her cousin who fell into a portal. Here she encounters more good-looking, hunky vampires than you can shake a stake at, plus goes up against Dracula himself--and doesn't cave.

Vampire Nocture, available on Amazon.

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Please get in touch with me if I have not contacted you! (I need your addresses)
~Dora D'agostino
~Krizstina Williams

My email:

Thank you all for stopping by, playing along and checking it out.

Check out the first two books in the Sabrina Strong series (ebooks are now going for $2.99)
Vampire Ascending
Vampire's Trill

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tuesday Teaser & Other Sufff

Hello, my preties. Well, did you all have fun at the ball? That was just so much fun, I didn't want it to stop! Jett has a few new women admirers I see. Drachen cleaned up too, I think. Ohh. Speaking of which I'll be mentioning him later on in this post, because this will contain a teaser with him in it.

And the fun doesn't seem to stop either. I'm out visiting today to my very good friend, Lucy Pireel, and she and I had a blast talking about my book and such. I think a couple of my characters want to go visit her next time.

And this Friday I will announce winners of my little contest for Vampire Nocturne. Are you excited? I'm excited!

Photo: Speaking of huns... yeah, I was... if Book #3 were to be made into movie Brad Pitt (in his 20's) could play the role of Drachen.Brad Pitt in "Legend of the Fall"

Now the feature you've all been waiting for... Teaser for the week!

I held on to the railing with both hands like it was a life line, and side-stepped down, one step at a time in shoes I was not used to. The heals felt all wrong.
Tapping steps ascending made me look up. Drachen quickly climbed the steps to where I had halted. Dressed in black velvet with white lace dripping from his sleeves and around his collar framing his beautiful face he looked more mouth watering than ever. His golden hair glowed like the mane of a wild palomino in the light of the chandeliers. I wasn't prepared to see him in such attire. Ruddy lips looked as though he had applied rouge, plus his cheeks were blushed. Hummm. A quickie for the road, perhaps?
What are you doing?” I asked. He gently took my arm.
Helping you, of course. You look as though you needed help,” he said.
I'll need help getting out of this corset!” I complained bitterly in a stage whisper. I learned it had buttons up the front, but the bindings in the back were what really hurt. It itched somewhat too. Before the night was out, I'd have to get it off—one way or another.
I'm certain my sister will help you,” Drachen said, taking my hand with a white gloved one. His other at my back he guided me down the risers. His gloves were pleated along the back and a pearl—I guessed it was a pearl—clasped it closed at the wrist. “Unless you would rather I help you?” I suddenly got a quick little vision from Drachen—which surprise the heck out of me. “Or would you rather Jett help you, instead?” He was teasing me. I could tell when I saw his smirk. He knew I'd spent the night with Jett. My face warmed.
Shush! No one is supposed to know about that,” I hissed.
What would you do should I tell?”
Vampire Nocturne

Saturday, March 9, 2013


Vampire Nocturne, A Novel by Lorelei Bell
Did you hear that? I think it's a waltz. Too tame for you? What if I told you that more than half the people in attendance were vampires? And, one is the most famous of all vampires? Dracula. Or, in the traditional spelling Drakulya.

Not only that, you may have to choose who to dance with!

First let's take a look around the danceing hall and see who is here.

First off, there's Jett, Prince of Walachia, Drakulya's son. His long black hair pulled into a tail, that distinctive white stripe in his hair making him stand out in the crowd. He should be dancing with Princess Penelopee, but oops! He is dancing with Sabrina Strong. Lucky girl! I hear he is a sexual vampire.

Drakulya is dancing with his wife Gwendolyn. And over there is Princess Aljehambra, and her brother (the dreamboat), Drachen! They look gorgeous! But don't let Drachen's good looks fool you, I think he might have need of blood tonight! Yours? Maybe.

Aljehambra has chosen a beautiful lilac gown. She's just dazzling, don't you think?

Uhoh! I think I see the blood broaker, Alucard. He's dancing with Arabella, owner of Arabella's Salloon. But he has his eyes on Sabrina.

In case you were wondering if you were in the right place for the book give away for Vampire Nocturne, you ARE!

Blog Party for Vampire Nocturne

Victorian Ball on “Beyond the Black Veil”

The prize:
One of 4 free paperbacks (SIGNED) to anyone with an address in the continental US.
What you need to do to win:
TWEET & SHARE on FACEBOOK (I'll trust that you do this)
In the comments leave the name of the vampire - or any of the characters (mentioned above) in Vampire Nocturne - you will dance with, or what color your ball gown is, and your email. IF YOU DO BOTH - ball gown corlor (or if male what color coat you are wearing), and vampire you dance with , THAT'S AN EXTRA POINT IN YOUR FAVOR!
I will use the old-fashioned name-in-the-hat system to choose names of 4 lucky winners! The winners will be announced on March 15th by 7 pm, central time.
And I will email those lucky winners that day.

Thank you for joining me! This contest goes on from today, March 9th until the 11th (Monday).

Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Excitement Builds for Vampire Nocturne

Hi, my pretties! Well, I'm back from the dead--a lost week for sure (and pay), but I'm back from suffering the flu last week. Feeling much better and thank all of you who sent well wishes my way.

Now on to the news. As you know Vampire Nocturne, the third installment in the Sabrina Strong series is now available for purchase. Of course many of you have waited for the book to come out for ages, it seems. I hope it's still on your TBR list! Whether you enjoy reading the  ebook or a paperback, it's available in either form. And I've been told by my publisher that he's changed the look of the papberback by making the cover more of a matte paper, rather than slick cover, and the pages are cream instead of white. I can't wait to see my copy, which I'm expecting some time next week!
Vampire Nocturne (Sabrina Strong Series)But also, I'm being mailed several more copies of Vampire Nocturne paperback for giveaways!

I'm going to be announcing my giveaway soon. I hope all of you lovely people will return next weekend. I'm going to schedule a giveaway taking place from the 9th thru the 11th.

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