Saturday, June 15, 2013

Cats in a Cradle

Waking up to a nice morning. Birds are singing, cats were fed.

Last night I had to look back on my journal from last year and see when the female cat entered our lives. It was in June. She had her kittens in a hollow of a catalpa tree around July. Eventually these kitties were large enough to come out and explore their world. There was five of them. Now only 3 are left. But they are the closest-knit kitties I've ever seen. The males protect the smaller female and she has her own brood of four in an old dog house my husband has set up for them. We are awaiting the day these little dumplings come out into the world. They won't be as skiddish as the original 5 where.

I'm compiling my notes from last year and this year. I'm going to do an eBook (non-fiction) about them, things that happened, and my husband who is quite the animal lover. It is called "Cat Whisiperer". Dennis, my husband, has a way with animals that just amazes me. He's had deer come up to him in a drought and drink from a hose. Sorry. I don't have camera that can take pictures at the drop of a hat. I would have needed film for this instance. You'll just have to trust me it happened.

The three that survived are named: Halfpint, Tango, and Bashful (or sometimes we call her "Miss Kitty"). Two kittens (one at one time, another at another time) simply never showed up again after the mother took them all into the woods on a long exploration.

These are not your domesticated, finicky cats. They do not come inside. They don't mind light rain, they sometimes dab their feet into the water bowl and lick the water from their paw that way. They survived harsh cold temperatures of the winter months. They have learned to come to my husband's whistle like a dog. The only one that first came up to me was Halfpint, the smallest of the group, and he wound up being the leader who went out and found his brother and sister after the mother tried to loose them in the woods, and he brought them back. He's the hero of the story. There's so much I have to put down on this, and you'll just have to wait, as some of it amazes me the way these three stuck together through the dangers of the elements, dogs and other cats.

Since I'm having issues with getting photo in here, I'll just post as is. Sorry. I'm lucky to be able to do what I do on this blog. I have to place pictures on my facebook in order to put them up here. Silly, isn't it? But that's the only way I can place pictures here. And this morning facebook is being unkind to me.

Please stay tuned to the developements of "Cat Whisperer" anyone who owns/loves cats, or any pets, should enjoy this book. (Yes, no unicorns or vapmires in this one, it's all true content).


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