Saturday, June 22, 2013


Hello, my pretties.

I do have some news, but we'll get to some updates first.

I'm still working on the seventh book, and I'm not rushing this one, folks, because I realized last year I'd written 2 (#'s 5 &6) in the Sabrina Strong Series. I'm still working on the edits of #4, and do need to get back to them this weekend.

Kittens are growing and my husband built a little fenced-in play area, but the bolder ones are determined to break out of jail, and they need a constant watch, they are only about 5-6 weeks old. Too darling. Two steel grays one black-as-coal, and one dark tiger.

We're getting the rain/storms for now. It's very wet out. Wish I could send some rain (not the lightning, though), out to the western states. There's fires all over. I fear Colorado is going up in smoke. A whole town, South Fork, Colorado, is burning to the ground. This isn't an unknown town to movie makers. One of the Vacation movies was filmed here, and "The Lone Ranger" was also filmed in the area.

My next work, I hope to get done quickly, is my memoir about the cats--which began with one and we wound up with 6 in total, and now we've got the next generation. I won't spoil the story, and promise that "The Cat Whisperer" is not just about cats, it's also about my husband who has a tender heart, and has always tended to feed strays that came into the yard, even as a child, and took care of them above and beyond what most people would do.

But, I won't go any further with that, as I don't want to spoil the story for you.

Now to my announcement: I'M GOING COMPLETELY INDIE.

The other day I sent off something to my publisher for his blog to post--I'm required to post something at least once a month. He got back to me telling me he is quitting publishing fiction with all his authors, reverting all our works back to us. Plus his blog site crashed. He seemed to think this was grim news to me. But it was not. I was wanting to strike out on my own, anyway. I didn't want to try and pull away from him by saying I wanted to take these works back. Something told me that things were about to change and change in a good way for me.

He will be helping all of us take our work back and publish into Amazon, etc. I asked if I could use the covers. He said yes. And that was a relief, because I really didn't think I could scramble to find 3 covers that would be as good as the originals.

So, by June 30 these three books, Vampire Ascending, Vampire's Trill, and Vampire Nocturne will no longer be under Copperhill Media, but under my own publishing brand Dark Castle Publications. My hope is at some point in July I will take total control of all three of these works. I'm only going to have ebooks, and I don't know that I'll have them elsewhere, but they will definitely be available through Amazon. I hope to adjust prices to my own needs. The newest work, Vampire Nocturne, will be reduced in price. But this is a few weeks away. I'm trying to come up with some sort of launch. If anyone is interested in hosting me in this indeavor (like welcoming me to the fold of the Indie World, or some such), and I'll try and figure out how to do a giveaway of all three eBooks to one person on each blog I'm on. This would be great for anyone who may have won one and want the rest. How cool is that?

Well, there's my news, my pretties. Do have a wonderful weekend. Again, if anyone wants to host my going Indie and the giveaway, whenever it's convenient, of course, in mid-July, say. Let me know in the comments here.
Lorelei Bell
Lorelei has been crafting stories all her adult years
(yes, too many to count!) Author of the Sabrina Strong series,
"Spell of the Black Unicorn", poems, articles and short stories, and about to go Indie.


  1. this is great!
    i love this. Best of luck.
    You'll do great! So excited for you.
    And a kitty update!!!! what more can we ask for?
    You better write all that stuff! Okay????

  2. Thanks, Carole. I'm working on this this weekend. I'll get back to you in an email.

  3. It's the right direction for you to go in.

    Let me think on that situation about the book launch, figure out what my July schedule will look like...

  4. You are so fortunate to be able to retain the covers! I really wish you the best of luck. My blog is on Goodreads, but if you put something together, I'd be happy to post it. Unfortunately, I don't know how to add photos or images.

  5. Congratulations Lorelei and I'll be happy to host you on my blog or at least have a link to your newest book. I always try to help others who are in my boat. LOL

  6. Good for you!

    Count me in on the launch--I'll do what I can to help. Just remind me--I'm getting old and senile. My gray matter really is gray now.

    And don't forget, you can post the launch on WMD's blog as well!

  7. Congrats! I think you'll do great, and I'm glad to hear there a many more to come in the Sabrina Strong series. Best of luck!!

  8. ~Thanks William. We can work something out, I'm sure!

    ~Mari, tell me about it! And fine by me. We can do something on Goodreads. My books are there too, so we'll see what you can do.

    ~Eve, thank you. Anything will help I'm sure!

    ~Norma, great! Thanks, and I'll do that LOL!

    ~Krisztina, thank you. I'm so glad you've become a fan!

  9. Its great that good came out of something that would be considered bad.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  10. You got that right, Shelly!
    Chocolate hugs


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