Thursday, September 25, 2014

Another 5-STAR Review of Vampire's Trill

The second book in the Sabrina Strong series has receved a very nice 5-star review from Lena Winfrey Sender. You can go and read that here.

And if you want to read the ebooks Vampire Ascending, being the first ebook in series it's regular price is only $1.99, and you can buy that here.

Vampire's Trill is second in series, and Lena's review is as if she knows the whole series objective, or the story inside and out, I must say. You can purchase the second ebook here for $2.99.

Now, just in case people are without an e-reader, I will be making all four books available at Smashwords soon, where you can get yourself a pdf version, or have another e-reading device.

Sorry this is so short, just have too much outdoor work to get caught up on, but I"ll let everyone know when the Smashword versions will be up and available. Until then, enjoy the nice fall weather (hopefully).


  1. Lorelei, short is good. Good review from Lena, too.

  2. Ha-ha! Me too, William!
    Yep, Shelly!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I really did love this novel, Lorelei. And thanks very much Shelly! Take care and good writing!


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