Monday, September 29, 2014

Dracula Untold - A Monster is Born!

Hello, my pretties. Well, it is almost that time of year again! My favorite time is Autumn, Fall, Halloween. You know, when the vampires come out to play?

I saw trailer for the up-coming movie "Dracula Untold", this weekend. I'm salivating and threatening to go to the theater by myself if my husband doesn't join me.

IMAX poster
Coming out October 10th, it is the origin story for the title character, Dracula. Starring Luke Evans as Vlad III Tepes, the man who becomes the mythological Dracula, and Sara Gadon as Mirena, his wife.

The basic story is of the real prince of Walachia, Vlad Tepes, who is "threatened by Sultan Mehmend II who demands 1,000 of his kingdom's boys, including Vlad's own son, Ingeras, to join his army. In order to save his son, his wife, and his kingdom, Vlad journeys to Broken Tooth Mountain, where he encounters an ancient sorcerer, Caligula, and enters into a Faustian bargain--one that gives the prince the strength of 100 men, the speed of a falling star and enough power to destroy his enemies. However he will be inflicted with an insatiable thirst to drink human blood..."

Ah, so there you have it! The explanation for why Dracula came into being. If you are a real fan of Dracula, this dark fantasy might be for you! it's coming out on October 10th. This obviously is not based on anything Bram Stoker might have come up with, I'd have to say, with tongue firmly in cheek, they have re-vamped Dracula's tale, beginning at ground zero.


  1. I'm soooo excited for this version! And I'm quite pleased with the lead actor.;) Can't wait to see it!!

  2. Alriiiight, Krisztina!
    It does, William!

  3. It looks like a really good one with substance and a moral to the story. You and I should go. We would if you lived closer.

  4. Sounds good, Shelly. When are you picking me up? Just kidding!
    Chocolate hugs!


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