Sunday, February 1, 2015

Signed On

At one point I had been with a publisher, and to tell the truth, I did worry about it somewhat. It's hard to put faith in something you know little about. And when he dumped me (or quit, for a better word), it was a blessing, because I could see that he didn't treat the last book he published for me with the same expertise as the first two books.

That was a few years ago. I had to scramble and self-publish. I really wasn't set up for that, but I was able to do it, with help from my friends out there.

Yesterday, I signed on with a publisher called Creativia. Yeah, I had to do the electronic signature with my mouse. Looked terrible, but sort of looks like my signature. Then I spent 3 hours sending them my books and short stories along with synopsis for them. With my slow Internet, that's how long it took, folks!

I must say, when my good friend, Carole Gill, told me about this/her publisher, I thought: Yeah. I think I'll check them out. And was happy to see how friendly & up-front they were. I didn't feel intimidated by their contract. I mean, it was one page. My last publisher sent something that looked like a lawyer wrote (and I'm sure it was), I had to read it over a few times in order to get the gist of it. And it made me nervous. But Cretivia's was about one page long, my contract is for 3 months, not 3 years. If I'm not happy I can go back to doing what I was doing before joining up.

I want to say I have felt nothing but good about doing this. I'm relieved, actually. I also feel that this is not only the right move, but it might be the one that, well, shoots my books up to where they should have been all along. At least I hope so. We'll see.

And, also, this move to go with this publisher has made me relax again, I have gone back to work on the series--doing re-writes for #6 in series--and I feel confident again. Like I can do this. Like I don't have to worry about those little annoying things like book covers, editing (they will edit and do book covers), and placing the book into the market place, and do much of the promotions. Of course as an author, we all have to do some promoting, and looks like I'm with a great team of writers.

That's just it, I'm on the "team", have just been welcomed into the fold this morning on their facebook page by other authors at Creativia. That didn't really happen with the last publisher. I also didn't like having to write up an article and place it on his site. I felt it didn't do much for sales. I'd see that people hit on my article, but the sales weren't happening. Blogging, or hits on your blog doesn't always create sales. You might get one person who checks out your books who actually BUYS.

Oh, and speaking of which, once things begin changing over, I'll have to go and make changes--hopefully the reason we merge our account with Cretivia's account on Amazon, helps the transition and I won't have to do too much in the way of working on changing links and such. At least, I hope so, but I'll wait to see how this works.

I'll bring you up-dates as they come my way. Check Cretivia out, if you want. See what they offer and don't be shy. I find that Miika seems like a genuine person.

Now, let's see, we've just had 6" of snow down over night, and it's still coming down, my husband is out there with the plow trying to clear it all out of the park and our driveway...

I've just crocheted a new pair of leg warmers, and may try them out soon!


  1. I did check it out, and so far I like what I see. It seems to be all the best things about a publisher but none of the crap. Could be a very good thing. Good luck with them!

  2. And interesting journey. I hope it all works out for a long long time.

  3. Thanks dolora and William for stopping in.
    I'm hopeful for the best.

  4. I so hope it works out for you. I'm still trying to square away my writing projects. It's hard to do everything. Maybe it would be different if I didn't have to work. Praying for good to come your way, Lorelei.

    Hugs and chocolate!

  5. Thank you, Shelly. Hope you get some quiet moments to do that.
    Thanks for praying for me. I think someone must be.
    Chocolate hugsxxx


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