Sunday, February 8, 2015

In The Beginning... Or maybe Somewhere In Between... The Vampire Ascended

He moved closer in a liquid way that seemed to defy gravity, and the use of his feet. I think he merely floated over to me. I felt the power from his eyes—a sort of hypnotic bondage. A weakness, or a deep lassitude overwhelmed me, and I sagged. As though anticipating this, he caught me by the arms, his minion caught me from behind, and they held me upright between them.
One important thing, Ms. Strong. Did the wolf bite you?”

Hello, my pretties. I've just received the edits of my first book to review and okay. I'm sure they're fine, but I will read through this. It's been a while since I've read it. I've shared a portion of it above, where I was on an early page in first chapter.

My publisher, Miika, has suggested title changes to my books. This first one, Vampire Ascending will be renamed :

Book I - Ascension 
The rest of the series will go like this:
Book II - Trill
Book III - Nocturne
Book IV - Caprice

I thought this was a good move/idea, and agreed with this change. A number of authors (with traditional publishers) seem to have gone this route. I'm reading one now that uses this theme on the title, and I do like the idea, as I think it will blend in with other books in the fantasy genre that are out there.

Today's post is short, as I'm busy with reading this edit of the first book. I might not read it word for word, but I'm enjoying reading the first chapter. If there are any more changes, I'll let you know, and also will post with a longer portion of this first chapter, when I have time.

Have a nice Sunday!

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