Saturday, February 28, 2015

Ye Ol' Update

Aside from the usual business, like doing edits on each book as I come to it (I'm up to #7), trying to stay warm (we should be seeing temps in 30's and maybe a 40 here or there, but we're in singles and minuses), or doing my crocheting, I've been waiting on different things to happen for the re-release for my books. My publisher and I have decided to re-name the books--going with a single word, and omitting the word "Vampire" in front of the title. Also the cover designer had to be found. Miika has signed a cover designer for the next 8 books. I await for the cover design(s) for first book to be finalized. 

Aside from all this I've been reading a book from one of the other author's with Creativia, Dracula's Demeter, and let me tell you this is an excellent read. But I'm not yet done with it.

"My master is coming!"
"Quiet, Renfield. Why don't you go and play with your spiders!"

Sorry about that, I've got a little problem... Renfield seems to be running loose somewhere in the house. He's' one difficult guy to keep locked up and calm. Spiders have been his interest as of late, and those are far and few, let me tell you. But he has found a few juicy ones this week. Eeek.

Anyway, I'll have a proper review of this book by Doug Lamoreux, when I've finished it (in a proper way too!).

In the meantime, I want to ask/invite you all to be part of my re-release of Book One of Sabrina Strong series...

I hope to have a giveaway of one signed copy, but I'm waiting on the cover. I don't know when this will happen and so, I'll keep you posted, but it should be pretty soon. 

My publisher, Miika of Creativia has been keeping me updated on everything. I want to say, this process is not something slapped together in a hurry. That impresses me about Creativia. This morning I got a draft copy of the first book Ascension, to consider and okay (which I did). I didn't get that with the last publisher. The title, and chapter headings are a cool font that I've never seen before. This will make the book look unique on the inside. 

The details of preparing a book to be published is enormous, and the whole thing takes time. And since there will be a physical book, more has to go into it than if it were merely an ebook, as many of you know.

So, if any of you are able to/want to help, or be a part of the re-release, and do a post for it, give me a yell (bellow in comments). I'm hoping for a release some time in March. The giveaway will be determined later.

Thank you--
"My master... he... comes!"
"Shut up, Renfield!"


  1. That certainly is going to keep you busy.

  2. Cool; love to see cooperation from your publisher. Dracula's Demeter sounds interesting too.

    Let me know what you need for a post. I love promoting authors on my blog. Shoot me an email

    donnahole at gmail dot com

  3. ~William, that it will!
    ~Donna, sure. I'll be in touch soon!

  4. O' course. Sorry you're sick. Get better soon!

  5. Count me in, Lorelei!

    I'm very impressed with Miika and his team. He's kept Collin's cover designs for The Unicorn's Daughter and Chasing the Wind. We haven't discussed the rest yet.


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