Saturday, February 14, 2015

Work on the cover design

Edits have been made and sent to publisher.

Now we get into the covers.

My publisher sent me some design ideas this morning, making the point that he could sell these sort of books with covers that have images of people on them much better than the "abstract" styles.

The old covers done by my ex-publisher were more abstract. My first two definitely were more abstract and had little to do with the content.

These were good, but let's face it, the abstract is a bit strange, and for some, it might not really get them curious enough to bite. In fact, it might have been a turn-off for some, and although men have read my books, the series is more aimed toward women.

I do believe the cover gets people's attention. While these were fine, in the beginning, I have to admit, I wanted something better. Something a bit more sexy, but not tending toward "paranormal romance", because that's not what I write. These are urban fantasies.

We want something looking more like, well... 

Cover Ideas for Sabrina Strong Series
Something that makes a potential reader look at the character on the cover--has an image of her in their head as they read, and maybe find clues to the story line. Like these with the character on the front cover.

Of course these are merely ideas to bounce around between me and my new publisher. I didn't get that chance before--have input as to what goes on the cover.

So, we're at the stage where we are talking about what could sell the series, trying to find an image that we could use for the series. 

The above covers, are not the ones chosen, of course. These are ideas to bounce around. I told Miika I liked the whole concept of Sabrina (who is brunette), should be on the cover, the moon and the city somewhere isn't a bad idea either. I threw in a few ideas for future book covers, as well.

So, this is where we're at on getting the book(s) out there.

I've a feeling I'll be doing a cover reveal soon. Stay tuned!


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