Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Well, color me P.O.ed!

All but one or two of my 4- and 5-star reviews have disappeared from Ascension! Some were beautifully written, and I don't know if I'll never get them back! (see reviews on the amazon page--there's only 3 and there should be 9)

I had 9 reviews now it says I only have 3. I've heard of this sort of thing happening to other authors. 

My publisher and I are going to try and ask about them, see if this was some sort of error (of course) on their part.

My hope is that they return them. There was no reason they should have taken them off to begin with!

Now for the part where I ask/beg for those of you have ever bought and read my first book (formerly Vampire Ascending, or the other books in the series), from Amazon and loved it, but never made any review, I ask that you so kindly leave some sort of review and rating. The more ratings/reviews helps drive sales.

Here are the other book's links:
Vampire's Trill (now just Trill)
Vampire Nocturne (Nocturne)
Vampire Caprice

Now, as some of you may know, I've gone with a new publisher. He's working really hard for promotions, and I'm giving you one sneaky bit of information...
Ascension and Trill will both be on sale in April. Come back then for details, so that I can give you guys the details and links again.

Thank you! 
Cross your fingers I get those reviews back--somehow.


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