Sunday, March 8, 2015

Dracula's Demeter - Review

Hello, my pretties! How are you this fine Sunday? We've finally warmed up, here in northern Illinois, and I think we'll be getting rid of this obnoxious snow and ice this week. Not so crazy about our time-change, but what can you do?

As those of you who are regulars know, I'm all about vampires. Anything about vampires, or Dracula, that crosses my attention I'm on it like a vampire on a drop of spilled blood. When I joined the publisher, Creativia, about a month or so ago, I checked a few authors out, just to see what they were writing. One title struck me and it sounded so interesting, I had to look into it.


Let me explain that I'm not one who likes to read a book at my computer. So, for me to have actually finished this book cover to cover while sitting at my computer in an uncomfortable chair, attests to how very good this book was. If it were a paperback, I don't think I could have put it down. 

This story is like a missing piece in the classic, Dracula  by Bram Stoker. In Stoker's classic story, you get only a few pages from the captain's journal of what has happened on the ship, which Dracula took from his homeland to England. Here, Lamoreux has basically brought you, the reader, on board, and there's a few surprising turns, and events there that Stoker couldn't have possibly covered, or maybe even thought of. That being said, Lamoreux has done a superb job of somehow making this story feel/read as though it were a missing piece that was left out of the original.

This master piece of work will give you a spine-chilling look into Dracula's mind, how he controls humans, beasts and even--well--spiders! The author takes you to England where he keeps tabs on Lucy, and Renfield in their various states and stages of awaiting the master. 

In Dracula's Demeter, we are left with no question that Dracula is absolutely the most vilest, most evil creature, and why he's the king of vampires. Lamoreux uses some inventive ways to show it, too, let me tell you!

Exquisitely written, it doesn't surprise me that this author has been nominated for various writing awards, AND a movie of the book is being made.

Tipping my hat off to Doug Lamoreux for a tale that was well worth my few hours spent each night, at my computer in a not-so-comfortable chair in the evening with a glass of wine while I read it.


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