Monday, June 8, 2015

The Series

I enjoy a good series to read. Some people would rather not become addicted to a series. But I seem to need that world where the characters come to life, and the memorable ones seem to jump off the page. Along with their world.

Harry Potter was my favorite series. The Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris is another example, and I've sort of followed Kim Harrison's Hollow series. I was following Stephanie Plum novels by Janet Evanovich--which are funny and off the wall, but I can't stand some of the characters, and I hate the setting. That's just me. Same with the ABC mysteries by Sue Grafton--I can't identify with her MC, who doesn't like nature, and seems a bit too wooden to me. But I do like the "Murder She Wrote" mysteries by Donald Bain (which is based on the TV series by the same name).

Well, I guess this is why I write, to create a world in which my characters can live and have adventures. I don't follow any set rules, since it's Urban Fantasy, Sabrina Strong's character is the type of female heroine I like, she's not too ditsy, not too bull-headed, or willing to go into most situations without either a weapon or people to back her. And by far, she's not perfect, which I think helps readers associate with her more readily.

Ascension, being the first book in series took me a couple of years to create, but after I got the second book in series written, Trill, I couldn't stop writing them. It became the alternate place, the fantasy place I wanted to take my character, Sabrina. I give her new dilemmas and dangers, new guys to ponder, and sometimes new worlds to visit. Like in my steampunk novel, Nocturne, where Sabrina goes to another world.

Or, in Caprice, she goes to another state to supposidly escape dangers, and there's more waiting for her in Colorado. Here's a little bit about that book at this link.

Oh, and here is the proposed new book cover for Caprice. What do you think?

Anyway, do you follow any series? Which ones, and why do you like them?

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