Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Spirit Medium and the Carrot... or the Blind Leading the Blind (Whichever)

It was in April when I had this on-line Tarot reading. It was free, so I thought, why not have a little fun? I was bored. I knew I'd probably be hounded by this person who called herself "Tara". But I considered it more for a little entertainment, than knowledge.

Now let me say right out, that I've always been attracted to the Unkown, occult and so forth. It's in my nature to explore everything. Especially when I discovered I do have psychic ability. And one note on that, it can be very, very accurate when I have it. But it doesn't come at will. I don't think people (psychics included), can turn it on at will. Not unless they are very, very unusually talented, and there have been those who are touted, but I tend to think it was more good guess work than anything. You've got your soothsayers who use anything from Tarot cards to crystal ball gazing and those who might be divining things with anything from yarrow sticks to entrails--yuck. However they divine, whatever works for them, well, that's their chosen medium.

Now to get down to my reading. Tara used Tarot cards, and I confess, doing this on-line was not something I felt I trusted. She could have put anything up there to get the read she wanted to give me (unlike with an actual deck). I drew Chariot first, and then the Sun. She said that the card confirms that "your finances should be favored". whatever that meant.

She then asked for my first name, so I gave it--cautiously, of course.

She then had me draw a third card. Tower--well, at least it wasn't the Hanged man!

She then said "Some clouds are appearing over the new road that's opening up in front of you!". She says it may not be something serious, but it would be a good idea to dig a bit deeper and see what else she might say. This was all experimental, mind you. I didn't think anything else would come of this. She told me she wanted to give me a more elaborate reading--all free, of course, so I gave her my email. Sure, I knew what was coming--and it didn't take ESP to know this. I gave her my birth date. I knew she would have something interesting to say to me, once she did this "full" reading.

I waited a few days and I get an email back. I'll not bore you with certain things. She gave me the date of May 17, of this year, saying that "Starting on that day, you are going to be at a decisive turning point in your existence." She goes on to say that I will be "entering a lucky astral period very soon... More precisely, I see 3 wonderful months that are going to transform your destiny. Followed by 3 more very good months that will have a lasting effect on your future..."

She did a basic reading on my sign, Virgo. Which has some truth in it, and some not really--the usual junk. She told me my lucky # was 10. Well, it's not, but that's a whole other ball game.

She gave a very good, very detailed reading, including my health and finances--to her best ability. She seemed to know that we were in financial hole. Well, at least she hoped I was, anyway.

I felt I got my free reading, and she had picked a date out of thin air in this read for when things were going to begin turning around. I'm not sure why she picked a precise date like the 17th of May. There was nothing I can denote of significance on that date, before or after it. And as it has come and gone (I do keep a journal) nothing really significant happened. But did I expect it? No. Not really. About the only thing I made a decision on, was to work on my crafts again.

"Faith is believing in something you know ain't true!"~ Mark Twain

I would say that the last week of April was the turning point for both my husband and I, when the supervisor departed, and Dennis got more hours and two raises since. I won't say our money problems are solved. In fact there are more expenses on the horizon (the truck needs new tires, and other large expenses we simply can't afford because our debt is too high in our credit card right now to do spend a lot. We are trying to stretch the tires out for the summer).

I did have good sales for April, but then again, I won't see any royalties until my debt of $50/book is all paid to publisher through those sales. So, in May, nothing that I can say any thing important happened, and we're now at the end of the month. Nothing too spectacular, and it really has nothing to do with me, just Dennis getting more hours and better pay. We don't know if he will have this job permanently. Dennis doesn't really know if he can do the job for very long, as it requires much.

Well, gentle readers, that wasn't the end of Tara's contacting me. She, of course wanted to entice me to get a more deeper reading, and could guaratee she could give me numbers to play in the lottery. I don't play the lottery, I think it's a waste of money, in fact. I do play Publisher's Clearing House because it only costs me a stamp (nope, I don't buy anything from them. I've played this stupid thing for 20 years and have never won a thing, but I keep entering it because I figure I might get lucky some day).

I wasn't yet ready to give Tara the heave-ho. Especially when I got this next one. She always leads you in. It's quite interesting what she says here.

"I will show you how you can avoid events that could turn out to be negative for you." 

I'm not sure how that can be done, but anyone wanting to charge for a reading will tell you just about anything to keep you worried. I'm not a fool. I'm not gullible. Like Twain I don't have much faith in anything these days. The sun will rise and set, people are born, they die. In between you've gotta figure out how to live on this Earth the best way you can. I've been through a lot in my 60+ years. I believe we're either on the up-swing, or we're not.

Of course, I kept getting emails from "Tara". In the next one she had this at the top of her reading.
Lorelei, something really
intriguing has just happened for you

Well, how could I resist this? So, I read on. She tells me she did a "free-association" session in order to find out more about my future and "something amazing happened."

Oh... I bet it did, Tara honey.

You should know that a very special and fortunate event is secretely being prepared for you on your astral plane.

It concerns the actualization of one 
of your most cherished dreams, which should come true before your very eyes, possible within a month.

Well, at the moment, I'm not sure which of those "cherished dreams" this would be, but whatever.

She went on to say while she was holding her pen in her hand, "I felt a powerful current of energy running through me from head to foot and I immediately entered into telepathic contact with a powerful positive force, whic took control of my hand and wote this:
Your name: Lorelei
A number: $7700
And a date: June 16, 2015.

Well, $7700, could be only $77.00, for all I know. And please note, now we have a new date of June 16. 

I have to tell you that the contact was incredible.

This force talked to me about your difficult situation, and told me that you’re having serious problems. That you struggle with seemingly unsolvable problems every day. That nothing is easy for you.

That only confirmed what I first felt about you. But I also know that things can work out for you much faster than you think.

Because this positive force also told me that your chances of benefiting (in the coming weeks) from 
an extraordinary financial opportunity that will also have a positive effect on your emotional life are much higher than average.

It also confirmed the fact that 
you have an abnormal blockage (caused by a harmful and negative influence acting on you and on your home for some time now) which makes you vulnerable and defenseless against bad luck. It informed me that you don’t have sufficient protection, capable of confronting these harmful influences which are responsible for all the bad luck in your life.
There is a high risk that these negative vibrations in your environment
will gain the upper hand, blinding you and removing any chance of finding a solution.
Don’t take this lightly!
It’s important for you to take this harmful influence seriously, and act as quickly as possible. And there’s an excellent reason for that.
You have to act because there is a large jackpot waiting for youLorelei.
A large financial gain 
is at stake that should happen for you in the coming weeks. I can tell you what to do, which games to play, and when.

I'm letting you see what she actually wrote. You can see that she has given me the good news ("an extraordinary financial opportunity"), and then gave me the bad news: "There is a high risk that these negative vibrations in  your environment will gain the upper hand, blinding you and removing any chance of finding a solution."

Don’t take this lightly!
It’s important for you to take this harmful influence seriously, and act as quickly as possible. And there’s an excellent reason for that.

You have to act because there is a large jackpot waiting for youLorelei.
A large financial gain 
is at stake that should happen for you in the coming weeks. I can tell you what to do, which games to play, and when.
Well, that does it, dang it! I need to hire this medium. NOT!

She says with urgency that she must do important work and I note that the price has gone down from $139 to just $49. I would wager that once she does this--were I to pay her--she would come up with something more in her reads and require more money. I would think she'd find new ways of trying to worry me about my future and say that she's the only one who can do this work. She did some sort of long-distance charm/spell of protection. Oh, and once she told me to hold a lit match and say some gobbly-gook three times fast. I have to admit, I didn't have a match, and after thinking about it, the lit match would have burned my fingers before I got it all out.

I let these emails go on for a while. I merely wanted to see what more she would say to me, and what new ways she'd try and coerce me into paying for some read I didn't want. Even though there is a money-back guarantee. Yeah. Right.

In the last one she began doing this numerology thing and claimed these dates, which she chose, by the way, all added up to 7. And said that whenever the # 7 shows up in a read three times it's really lucky. Huh. I've never read that. I happen to own a numerology book, and in order to calculate a correct number for a lucky day, or month, you have to use your birth date, the month, and so on. It's complicated. My actual individual number for June isn't 7, but 6. But I digress...

She said she did a few more "free" charms for me, trying to persuade me with the same words basically as before, and the same dates, saying those dates were coming closer and that I needed her to help me. I still didn't bite. In the latest one she asked why I was silent, and didn't respond to her emails. So, I thought I'd better email her back and tell her I had no intention of paying for any further reading. And, just in case, was polite. I won't lie to you, there are those who do have potential for directing good and bad power at you. I didn't want that to happen.

At any rate, this was a distraction for me to see how much she'd say and what. I found it interesting that she moved the date up for when something would happen. Her last email said my "dates were set". Well, if I win, or get a check (she said in a yellow envelope), in the mail at some point in May for $7700--wherever you put the period or comma--I'll let you know. It would be my luck it would be $7.70

You know how when you go to the doctor and he gives you his diagnosis and you're like "Riiiiight" You want to go and see another doctor to see what they say. I went and found my horoscope, first for the month of May:  
May is complicated, dear Virgo, and in many ways can be considered a month of making adjustments. The Full Moon on the 3rd can bring a scurry of activity as you race to meet deadlines, run errands, and take care of paperwork. This month can involve complications and misunderstandings on the job, and difficulties juggling a full schedule.

I then checked it out of for the year ahead. It was interesting, but not surprising, it said that August was the time when things would kick in, not May, or June. It called this year a "karmic balancing act". Which, in a way, this is already happening, but in a molasses slow way. My ruling planet, Mercury "will retrograde through each of the Air signs, this year, giving you intellectual wisdom and greater insight into the art of communication." This horoscope read was more down to earth, suggesting this year is merely the "launch pad" for bigger plans.

Odd coincidence--if you believe in them. After shopping and my husband balanced the check book the balance was $777.25. Not that this was gained through anything, it was just what was left over in checking after many expenses. 

So, what's in your future? Do you want to know? Would you pay a psychic to find out? There's actually one I could go to in town and for $10 she'd give me a read. Wouldn't that be fun?


  1. I would never go to one of these people... and I'm not one for horoscopes either!

  2. You paid bills and hat $777 left? Doesn't sound like a hardship to me, lol.

    I've thought about going to a psychic, but I am sure I'd just get bilked out of money I don't have. Like going to the Casino. Sounds like you do your own readings, and have a better handle on your future :)

  3. A lot of people don't, William.

    Dolores, this is what was left to PAY bills. Hah! You should see our credit card bill! We'll never get that paid.


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