Thursday, January 28, 2016


How many of you have been un-friended by a friend on Facebook--not just someone you met on facebook, but someone you actually know in your life, have either worked with them, or you simply have a friendship with them?
Well, I've known this person for years, he worked with me at one point, and then rode my bus, and we enjoyed conversations on any topic. If nothing else we merely agreed we weren't ready for our day.

Then, one day I discovered he un-friended me on face book.

I figured out it's because of having "Liked" someone--a political figure--on facebook. Not that it matters to anyone, but the reason I did is because he made things just so interesting, volatile, controversial and he wasn't afraid to say what was on his mind. Sort of the opposite of all the other candidates who candy coat everything. I figured he would make this election year something to look forward to. Like 4th of July fireworks. It doesn't mean I like everything he stands for, or that I'd vote for him.

But I digress...

You see this friend--or I should say ex-friend--has a bugaboo about his politics. He takes them very seriously. He won't so much as step into a store it he feels their political backing is in question (such as either not supporting abortion, etc). So, I knew how dangerous it was as my finger hovered over the mouse and I clicked LIKE.

But I have to say I didn't know that he had un-friended me. Not until I noticed he wasn't waving to me or especially when he got on my bus for the first time this year after a long break and I said "Happy New Year" to him, and he just said "Yes" and instead of standing near me on the bus as I drove to speak with me, he went and sat down.

Well, I wasn't sure what was going on until I got home and checked to see if he was still on my friend list. I couldn't find him, and when I typed in his name to find him, there it was, I could send him a "friend request". Which I didn't, of course.

And there was no explanations. Just BOOM! I'm unfriended.
That's how seriously he takes his politics.
I'm doo-doo to him, now.

So, this week, it was super obvious when I see this ex-friend walking all the way to work, and believe me when I saw him across the street while waiting for the light, I didn't wave. I ignored him.

After discovering this bit of quiet, or behind-the-back, chicken-shit sort of behavior. I guess I'm not getting any sort of explanation why. I get it. I do.

Well, I got over it. 
Someone gets that cranked off because of my "liking" something or someone they don't like...

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