Monday, February 8, 2016

The Muse Super Bowl 50 Exclusive

Hi, kids. Just got back from the Superbowl and I've got the scoop from last night's game. In case you didn't know... 
Manning's Broncos won a 24-10 victory over the Carolina Panthers

Well, if you're a Denver fan, I guess this is good news.
If you are a Panther's fan, well...

Okay, I'm done gloating.
Well, one more...

Okay, now for my exclusive on how things went AFTER the game.
When a reporter asked Manning about his plans after the game he surprised everyone by saying he plans to "drink a lot of Budweiser tonight."
This somewhat surprised a lot of people, since athletes are prohibited from mentioning alcoholic beverages on air. But Budweiser brewery was happily "surprised that he did."
Free publicity never hurts anyone.
It was a happy dance in Denver's locker room.
Quite the opposite in the Panther's locker room as their quarterback, Cam Newton, walked out of the post-match news conference.
Pouting, he refused to answer questions.
Well, that's my exclusive. 
Aside from all the drinking, we Denver fans had a pretty good time.
It's just getting up the next day after so much celebration.

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