Thursday, March 17, 2016

Just How Many Rules Can a Job Have?

Hi all. Yep. This is a rant.

I'm miffed. I'm sick of this job!

As some of you may know I have been driving a transit bus for a college for 17+ years. Seems like every few months someone comes up with a new rule that we have to adhere to. 
We've not only got to lock our air break button, but now they are telling us that we now have to put out chocks (these are large rubber do-dads that go in front and behind one wheel of the bus to insure it doesn't move) whenever we are off the bus.
Rubber Wheel Chock/Tire Chock w/ Eyebolt
This is just one. There are two, joined by a nylon rope. They are heavy.

Do you know how many minutes it takes to both lock that break button, and then put out the chocks, and then when you finally get to go in and find a bathroom, do your buisness, you have to come back out and undo all this?

This is because there have been 71 "roll aways" on different properties in the US (of our illustrious TransDIVE--I mean Transdev Transportation. We, here in DeKalb have never had any roll aways. 
But we all get punished!
We also have to wear those bright yellow UGLY safety vest.
You've seen other bus drivers wear them, I'm sure. For some reason some drivers like to wear them even when they're not driving a bus. I guess they want to feel safe & secure.
ML Kishigo - Ultra-Cool Multi-Pocket Vest Class 2 Safety Vest color Lime size 5X-large
we have to wear these on and off the bus.

Because it's difficult to look NICE when you're wearing such an UGLY thing, I don't even bother dressing in anything nice any more. As far as I can get away with it, that is.

Sure. You might think this is professional. 
Thing is, we don't get paid like professionals.
A lot of other TransDIVE places/employees get paid much better than we do.
I get paid just a little over $12. School bus drivers start at much higher--not that I would like to trade places.

Just before we went on Spring Break, my husband put in his two weeks notice--never to return again.
I think he picked the right moment.
I have already planned on taking the summer off.
Maybe it's time to look for a new job. 


  1. One little incident hundreds of miles away and suddenly the lawyers and the insurance gremlins get involved, and it's nothing but rules, rules, rules, all the time.

  2. Yep. An egghead somewhere had a knee-jerk reaction to this problem. Obviously, he doesn't have to worry about how many minutes he will get to go pee.

  3. I'd last about ten minutes on this job.

    My dad used to say if he were driving a school bus, he'd be fired the first day because reach his destination with an empty bus be--kids who were trouble would be pout off.

  4. I hear you, Norma. I used to do this. Back when you had a principal actually back you up. Now, you've gotta have a second person on the bus watching things--that's how bad it's become. My husband once made the kids clean up all the spitballs on the bus before he got them home. We could probably not get away with that any more.
    I don't know what I'll do, or if I'll find anything out there.


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