Saturday, March 12, 2016

March Is Mad, Mad, Mad

Finally have time to breath a little bit.

I've sent my publisher the fifth book in Sabrina Strong series, and I've gotten the proofs back, and I'll get to read it some day. Plan on it tomorrow as it will be raining, and I've got all of next week off from work (NIU has Spring Break). So, m'dears, the fifth book is on its way. Just hang in there!

I noticed I've got over one hundred thousand views on this blog. YAY!

And my husband is getting ready to return to his park job come April 1st. He has officially quit the bus driving job. It just made him crazy. I don't blame him. I want to quit too, but need the money.

I enjoy getting messages from fans, and even future fans--or their mothers--on facebook, etc. I got such a message today, and the woman said her daughter was named Lorelei Bell ! How crazy is that??? I've never had someone with both names contact me before. I've heard my first name, a few times, but never this. What's the chance?

Anyway, the lady asked what age would I recommend for my vampire novels. Her daughter is nine. Yeah. I said that my novels shouldn't be read by anyone under 16, at least. There's too much sex and violence. I would think that that age (in this day and age), that they've seen and heard it all by then. So, any way, that was a nice surprise. But I also added by the time she hits 16, I should have all 8 books out by then. Her response was it would make a great "sweet sixteen" gift for her. I LIKE that woman's thinking!

And work continues on my mystery novel--although I've been a little busy lately to work on it. But the verve is still there. I've gotta do this other thing for publisher first. Get that next book out. I can't wait to see the cover. He said he had the same artist for 8 books, so, we'll see how this turns out. Great, I'm sure!

And today, since it was perfect out, and out yard was a MESS from winter with a lot of big, medium and small limbs, branches etc. down, we had to get out there and get this spruced up some. We didn't want to over work ourselves. We've got a large yard, and a lot of trees, so, we got the front first and worked toward the back, and we called it quits at one.

Tonight is turn your clocks ahead an hour, by the way. Our trick is, we don't do anything differently. However, we don't turn our bedroom clock ahead or back until morning. That way, if we wake up at our normal time (which for us might be 4:30, it will be 5:30, so we won't feel bad about sleeping in, or whatever. It won't be a shock to the system.

Lastly, I've put the first chapter up on Murder on the Mississippi, for reading, if you'd like to check it out and like it if you do.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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