Saturday, June 4, 2016

Stupid Humans Interfering With Nature

Visitors cited for touching wildlife and fined $110 at Yellowstone National Park

If you didn't hear about this, well, it's going to get you angry. It did me and my husband.

This baby bison was euthanized after tourist found it alone, and thought it needed help. Here, in the picture, you can see they put it in their car. This happened in Yellowstone, one of the largest and best places to see wildlife in the US.

Here is the story:

A bison calf that tourists loaded into their vehicle at Yellowstone National Park because they were concerned for its welfare could not be reunited with its herd and had to be euthanized, park officials said Monday as they reasserted the importance of avoiding wildlife.
The incident last week and several other recent cases led to fresh warnings that park rules require visitors to stay at least 25 yards from all wildlife and 100 yards from bears and wolves.
Visitors brought the newborn calf to a park facility on May 9, which officials called a dangerous move because adult bison are protective and will attack to defend their young. Rangers took the animal back to where it was picked up, but they could not get it back with the herd after several tries.
"The bison calf was later euthanized because it was abandoned and causing a dangerous situation by continually approaching people and cars along the roadway," the park said in a statement.
The visitors were cited for touching park wildlife and fined $110, Yellowstone spokeswoman Charissa Reid said. She declined to name the visitors or issue a copy of the citation amid the investigation.
In another recent high-profile case, a woman was seen on video trying to pet an adult bison as it rested on the boardwalk around Old Faithful. In another, tourists posed for photos dangerously close to bison that had caused a traffic jam on a road.
I've often said that certain people who visit such places shouldn't be allowed to. Because they don't understand nature. Dennis and I, being managers of a simple county park, have seen some stupid things done as well. We have had people drop of all sorts of animals, like domesticated rabbits, and there've been the occasional cat, and who know what all. Once, my husband found dead baby squirrels wrapped in a blanked in the outhouse. Someone had left it there, had even left a message on our phone. Whatever happened to the squirrels' mother, it was better to leave the matter up to nature. Nature takes care of its own.
In the above I'm amazed these people didn't get gored by the mother. That would have been the lesson in their stupidity. I thought the fine wasn't steep enough. At least they were told to leave!
People do the stupidest things when it comes to wild life. I've heard of a father putting ice cream over the face of his daughter so that he could get a picture of the bear licking it off her face (I suppose he thought it was a pet dog, or something). Guess what? The bear chose to EAT her face.
Yellowstone is one of the best parks to watch wild life. And I mean WATCH. From your car, or a safe distance. A bison can run at a dead heat 35 mph., and it weighs 2 tons--as much as a bus. A bear has claws as long, or longer than a human finger. I would not think twice about letting one lick me.
So, when you go out into the wilds, or just a park, think twice about feeding anything, or getting up close and personal. These are not pets. If an animal's babies are abandoned, there may be a reason. In a lot of cases, human scent on an animal, or bird, will make the mother abandon a newborn. I wouldn't want this on my conscience. 
I didn't include the link to these people explaining on TV why they did this. I think they're a bunch of morons!


  1. I saw the video about these people trying to explain themselves. It's a shame they're Canadians. I expect better of my countrymen.

  2. I never saw it. I only heard about it and then found this article. Just a shame.

  3. The level of stupidity among humans never surprises me anymore.

  4. Poor bison family! Maybe putting down such a sweet, baby animal was an excuse to serve bison burgers. The people were stupid but there's larceny on both sides of the fence.

  5. That makes me mad to hear. Humans abort their own babies. Kill a baby bison for a no good reason and kill a Gorilla who thought he was protecting a 3 year old boy. He didn't understand that he was the problem. He thought it was the screaming humans above him.

    1. Whenever humans get involved with animals--wild or domesticated--it can go either way. I still have a problem with their destroying the gorilla. I've heard the mother may be fined, or charged with endangerment to a child (or something). I mean how can you just loose track of a kid. It had to take him a while to make his way down into the gorilla cage. I'm still mystified by that!


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