Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Reviews Are In

I haven't posted for a while, not quite knowing what to post, so, today I thought I'd get all the latest reviews down in one place. At the end, should anyone wish to check, you can hit the link for Ascension where the reviews can be verified. Trill and others had some nice reviews too, but I'll get to them at another time.

Ascension gathered some nice reviews lately.

The story unfolds with a woman who is a 'touch' clairvoyant & who's past had opened her eyes to 'supernaturals' in the world. Starting with Vampires - and the world they inhabit - and control, down to the revelation of her role within the supernatural. From a woman struggling with her own relationship issues - to being wanted suddenly by many! I thought this would be just another vamp love story - but I was SO WRONG! This is an amazing series - as I finished this book, I went on line and bought the other 3... immediately! The writing is so strong I can almost 'be' her - and it moves so quickly - yet I have no problem in keeping all the characters in order! This may just well be my fav series for the year!!!
This review was done by "Shirl B" and was given 5 STARS.

Sabrina Strong was anything but normal. Being born a touch clairvoyant, she was considered a freak by her peers, and basically shunned most of her life. So when she answered an ad for a company searching for a clairvoyant, the last thing she expected was to become the center of attention, males swooning all over her. But wait . . they’re vampires, werewolves, and shape- shifters. What the hell did she get into?

I really enjoyed this novel. It has a solid mystery story wrapped around the paranormal. As Sabrina tracks down the person killing vampires with a crossbow, she finds her past catching up with her. Who is Vasyl, and what does he want with her? What does he have to do with her mother who disappeared years ago? For being mostly dead vampires, the characters are alive and vibrant. Suddenly, Sabrina finds herself surrounded by hunky men,and they all want a piece of her. Bell does a great job with the sexual tension between the different characters. My favorite is Dante. Yum!. As some questions were answered, other questions remain. That’s why I bought book two. Is Sabrina really the sibyl? And what of Nicolas? Is he really on Tremayne’s side?

If this book had some additional proofreading and editing, it would be a 5 star novel. I had issues with some of the sentence structures as they seemed backwards and awkward.

If you’re in the mood for a good thriller with larger than life paranormal characters, you should read this series. I give it 4 feathers.

Sahara Foley's review can be read here:

This was a very good book and a very hard one to put down. The story line was very exciting with a lot of drama and adventure. This was a very good book.
Published 2 days ago by Debs - 5 stars


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