Monday, July 4, 2016

Of Bricks, Dirt and... Axes?

Hello, my pretties!
I must have closed my eyes and here it is July! What happened to June?

Well, enjoying my time off, away from the crap I know to be bus driving. And doing outdoor work. Which is harder physically, but I sooooo enjoy it. It also gets me in shape. After all the muscles go from being sore to being used to the abuse.

I spent the whole day yesterday (3rd) outside. Aside from eating or preparing potato salad, and such. I have been working on my various gardens. On the one in front, my husband went and got the tractor and hauled huge rocks to put around it. That sure beats rolling them. But these were pretty big and rolling them from distant places would not have worked.

After transplanting a few things, I went on to work on a center area where we'd cleared out most, but not all trees, as it looked really terrible. Trimming the lower hanging ones, made it nice, and still shady. But the center of it was still an eyesore, and I was determined to go at it with pick and ax if necessary. The pick, not so much, but there was a particularly hard-to-move stump, several inches wide, but it had a divot in it, sort of looked like it had been scooped out ready to be made into an interesting wood bowl. Anyway, I knew I needed the ax. Not a hatchet, but an ax. My husband rests from physical work on the weekend. Me. I live for the outdoors, and amazingly, I've been able to go from only working 3 or 4 hours a day outside, to something like 6 or 7. And swinging the ax? Well, I put it down to this: I could join a gym, pay money, and look and feel good. But for free, I get the muscles working shoveling, pushing a wheelbarrow, planting and hauling water around, and it does the same thing.

It took me 20 minutes to chop through that trunk--with a few breaks in between. Huh! When I got that sucker out, I held it up like a prized fighter with his championship belt. Me Woman!

My husband said, "Yay! Now we can go and eat the watermelon!"

After this I put away all my tools, took a hot bath, and then sat outside rest of the afternoon reading. I felt I deserved the rest of the day off!


  1. This is one reason I like apartment living. No digging in dirt!

  2. Oh, I love dirt. I am a vergo, after all.

  3. I like chopping and digging as well. Had to dig up my garden so workers can pump grout and put pins under our house. And it's been extremely hot. The sun sears your skin in 5 minutes.

  4. Oh, my, Shelly. I don't do much in the extreme heat, if I can help it. I'll work in the morning hours when it's too warm.
    Take it easy, dear!


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