Sunday, October 9, 2016

From The Broom Closet

The other day, to get the season off, I gave you CLOWNS.

Today just sort of catching up on HALLOWEEN stuff. 

If you're like me, I just don't have room for all of my brooms and hats. Maybe just leave them out like this. I don't think anyone would jump to any conclusions, do you?

Angel Grant- Witches and Broomsticks Halloween 2015:

Sort of hard to figure out what to do as this Halloween. But sometimes you can find something to give you a nice green glow, or show off those fine cheekbones, and wicked eyes!

‘Spellbound’ Halloween Witch Eye Make-up Tutorial The classic Halloween witch makeup can be done so many different ways. To inspire you all this Halloween I have created a spellbound witch makeup look using VIVO Cosmetics. You don’t need a full face of makeup to be a witch for Halloween. Go with this awesome purple and green eye make-up look and skip the makeup hangover on November 1st. To see video tutorial click >here<   Happy Halloween! Karla X:

Hello Fashion takes on Halloween with amazing skeleton makeup and the most gorgeous Oscar De La Renta gown. @hellofashblog:

And decorating shouldn't be too hard. Just get your pet spiders to work extra hard in the next few days...
This is scarier than any gore/slasher film. I'd curl into a ball if I was stuck in this. -MR:

We've always got some munchies and finger food for guests! Makes you drool, doesn't it?

I can't help but bust out laughing when I look at these..:

De la pâte à tarte et des amandes pour pouvoir mettre ses doigts dans la sauce:

Some Creepy Recipes from The Kitchen. if you want...

And decorating the backyard for your guest can't be overlooked, or over done!
Haunting Ghost Halloween:

chicken wire with cheese cloth draped over it. I would suspect the cheese has probably been treated with RIT Whitener and hit with a blacklight.:

People are just dying to get in to my party...

Haunted House Prop:

Or... out...
Scary haunted trail decoration:

And I wait until then, watching for my guests to arrive on Halloween night.
Haunted house idea:

Thanks for stopping by!
Please excuse me now, I really have to get the water out of my ears...
I use a fishbowl wadded up some black tulle, print off a picture of Miss Leota on Photo Paper and   cut it out and placed it in there.    That is it!:
all images from Pinterest!


  1. You do​ go all-out for Halloween!

    I have a friend who used to dress as a witch and stand on her front porch, very still, like a statue--until the kids got close to her. She scared the crap out of them!

    1. Ooo. My kind of gal! I had same sort of set up, using my nephews doing the spooky stuff. I miss it!


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