Saturday, October 15, 2016


What's Halloween without PUMPKINS?

I think they are my favorite part of Halloween. Maybe it's those childhood memories of cutting into one and pulling out all the guts.
O' course, it would be nice if the damned thing would just upchuck and save me the mess!

Pumpkin Carving Idea:

Just beware, there are those pumpkins who are cannibals!
Pumpkin carvings:

And some are creepy!

Mummified Pumpkin Carving Ideas:

paper mache pumpkins! I like the idea of putting a little extra creative effort into a carved pumpkin knowing it wont go bad in a week!:

Some are just Uuuugly...


Some are EVIL!

Carve a pumpkin like this :):

Some are, uh, hungry...

Funny and scar:

But others are pleasant, pretty and decorative!

Love this Halloween pumpkin display!:

Some come in disguises...

Pumpkin Carving Ideas_07:

39 Whacky Weird DIY Ideas for Pumpkin Design:

C'mon over to the Simpson Design + Decor Blog to read all about "My 10 Favourite Activities about Autumn"!:

Black cat pumpkins:

So many can be found on Pinterest! You can browse each idea by clicking on the pictures. (Who knows, you may become addicted!)
Halloween - witch pumpkin:
I haven't figured out how to carve my pumpkin yet, but...
Maybe something to keep those nasty clowns away?

Pumpkin Ghost Halloween Decorating Idea:


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