Saturday, January 28, 2017

Decisions, Decisions

Since starting back to work (an interruption to my day), I've had less time to spend on any of my other pursuits, including writing. However, the first Lainey Quilholt mystery book is just about ready. I just have to decide on a cover. I'm posting the ones I like best here, and if you want to throw in your two cents, feel free.

Oh, and I rejected the first group sent to me, everything was red, author's name was bloody. I'm not writing horror here. This is a cozy murder mystery. Even though the murder(s) themselves take place off page--and it is pretty bloody what happened--there are a few harrowing things that happen to Lainey, my MC. But this is a mystery, and quite tame. My aim is to find readers who want something that doesn't give them nightmares, or make them run screaming, or want to burn the book.

So, I requested a little less blood this time around. See what you think. There's not much difference, but the slightest in the author's name, except for #4, where the title is gray. Any input is welcome. I'm having trouble with decision on these.

Cover #1
Cover #2

Cover #3

Cover # 4


  1. I think either the first or last one.

  2. I think I like the first one as well.
    Still working a few kinks out. Thanks, guys!

  3. Not much difference at all. Definitely go with all caps on the author name. The first one does stand out well though.

    1. Not much, but yeah. Looks like the first one might be the one. Thanks.

  4. I like the strong one because of your name and the entire bit looks stronger to me, than the rest. Second pick, the last one.

    1. My bad, I meant to write, first one was the strongest. But this is all such a personal thing. Plus, you cannot go wrong with any, really.

  5. No problem. I've gone with the first one with a few tweaks. Should have it out in a few weeks, I hope!


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