Sunday, October 15, 2017

Just My Crazy Side (Halloween)

Since I took care of business the other day about "Requiem" being out, I need to do my Halloween posts, starting with my visit to "Spirit of Halloween" store that pops up this time of year in any available vacant store. So, here we go...

This is me hanging out with some of my friends. They're on the thin side, but boy can they dance!

This was part of the haunted bridge you crossed. 
Children who had come in with their parents were having a ball activating these things that stood or 
hovered over the display. They spoke too. If you had money to burn, and wanted to scare the crap out of trick-or-treaters, you could do a number with these things.
Especially the nine-foot clown or the werewolf that had a horrific snarly growl and shook the tree next to him.

This little girl rode her bike and her eyes glowed blue. I think yellow eyes would have been more effective myself. But she was on a track and moved back and forth. All of these had a pad which you stepped on to activate them.

And this vacuum cleaner was motion activated and was sort of cool. Too bad it didn't actually suck up dirt. I could use something like this around the house. The thing on left side is a giant spider that jumped out at you. You could use one of those for Jehovah Witnesses who come to the door too often.

 And, finally this skull, and other things like it, moved the jaw as it spoke something horrific. I think it was a doorknocker. Clever stuff. If only I had money and could have a party at the house...
Nah. Maybe not. I'd wind up calling 911 so many times, I'd ware out the operator.
Anyway, had fun for free at this place.
Next time I'll show off what I did around the house. Not much, but I'd like to share.


  1. A whole lot of fun! I missed out on the annual zombie walk here, so I've been on the look out at store windows for Hallowe'en material for my photoblog.

  2. The little girl's eyes should have been red.

  3. ~I know the feeling, William. I miss being able to participate in trick-or-treat. I was so good at frightening children away from the door...
    ~Ah, Marie. You're right. Red would have been better! Maybe her head should have spun too.

    1. Yes. And maybe spewing green pea soup. Yuck!
      Anyway, I've changed the blog site, yet again. You now can do all the sharing you want w/o trying to find the do-dad you have to click. (I hate new fangled stuff)

  4. I spotted something different! We didn't see a haunted vacuum at the Spirit in Colorado or Wisconsin. Yeah, too bad it doesn't actually clean. :) I guess then it would be like a Roomba, but spooky. Did you see the scarecrow with the candy bowl?

  5. No. I don't remember that. There were stations set up with a man being shocked, and someone (dummy) who floated, and such, but no scarecrow.
    Thanks for stopping by, Justine!


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