Thursday, October 12, 2017

Requiem Book 6 in Series Now Available!

Yes. It's finally out! I'm slowly getting the series out one by one. Have two more. But here is Requiem!

Bill is back, literally from the dead. Is he vampire? Human? Or something more? His objective is to find and protect the sibyl. But this may prove to be harder than ever since the demon Naamah has vowed vengeance against her and enlists the talents of a witch to help.

After the takeover, Tremayne is once again in power, calling Sabrina and Vasyl to his realm. His reasons for summoning the rival rogue vampire becomes apparent soon enough. Vasyl is asked to take over the eastern half of the U.S., while Tremayne goes to take on the western half, vacated by the vanquished (and very dead), Ilona.

Sabrina is uncertain of ramifications, and where this puts her in the hierarchy, but she knows her husband is now a very powerful and important vampire in Tremayne's realm. But she barely has time to get comfortable in this new position when she's attacked by Lief, who wants revenge for her having killed his mate. The V.I.U. (Vampire Investigation Unit), ignores the situation and lets Lief go. Showing whose side they're on.

More than ever, Sabrina has to become pregnant, Tremayne is adamant about it, and when it looks as though she's about to go through with it, her spilled blood causes Vasyl to vacate and abdicate his new realm before he is tempted beyond the point of no return.

A breach in security at Tremayne Towers causes Sabrina, and others to fight off some nasty demons, but she is injured and needs a quick infusion of vampire blood to save her life. New comer Stefan Capella comes in as a major player in the sibyl's life. The secret behind who he really is is revealed, and although he brings on the charm, Sabrina isn't crazy about where this will ultimately lead.

After Bill saves Sabrina's friends from vampire attack, he soon infiltrates the Towers, and eventuality finds Sabrina. His attempt at staying out of sight fails, but everything and everyone comes together as they attempt to route the witch from the Towers, but when a clever demon vanishes with her, Bill and Dante are the only ones who can follow, and she is suddenly in Naamah's clutches. Are they too late to save her? The adventure continues.


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